Congee and Hong Kong Donuts in 新發粥店, Wan Chai

新發粥店 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Just a couple of hours before our flight, we decided to drop by this place at around 2:50 am in the morning. Actually, we were generously treated by our new friend, Teddy, whom we met in the hostel we were staying, and we were so grateful to meet someone full of ideas and vision like him. He's just so awesome! Anyway, I told him I do food blogging, and so he wanted to somehow show-off that he himself is a foodie with lots of knowledge. That's how we somehow ended up here in this store called 新發粥店.

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Although the staff here do not speak English, there is this menu where the menu is translated in English. Hence, what you need to do is to just say the number or point at it. In our case, we have our friend with us who knows how to speak Mandarin (although again, the staff of the store speaks more Cantonese).

This store is famous for the Rice Noodle Roll with Twisted Cruller. Our friend Teddy said that this is the Hong Kong version of the donuts. However, it's eaten the different way wherein you put some sauces to it. You'll see the finished product below.

Rice Noodle Roll with Twisted Cruller (炸兩) || HKD12 or approx. P73
Rice Noodle Roll with Twisted Cruller (炸兩)

This dish offered something really new for my palate. The rice noodle that wrapped the donut was smooth and somehow bland, but that's alright because the inner dough (i.e. the donut) was lightly salty and has a bit rough of a texture. Together, they were still a bit tasteless, but don't worry, I think it was how it should be because the taste will be coming from the peanut sauce and the chili sauce. While it was something really exciting for my buds, I got easily tired of the taste. Hence, share this with someone!

Congee with Sliced Fish (皮蛋魚片粥) || HKD20 or approx P121
 Congee with Sliced Fish (皮蛋魚片粥)

This congee was seemingly regular, but not until I got a taste of the fresh sliced fish. It was just so fresh that it brushes softly on the tongue and mouth.

Fried Noodles (炒麵) || HKD9 or approx. P55
Fried Noodles (炒麵)

This dish is also a winner. On its own, it didn't have much taste, but same as the Hong Kong donuts, this fried noodles borrows most of its flavor from the sauces you will pour on it. Actually, although I really liked the uniqueness of the donuts, I prefer this dish over it. Well, I just believe that the sauces match the texture of the noodles more.

Now, this marks the end of the blog post, and I hope it was helpful to you

新發粥店 - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: about HKD14 or approx. P85 for a light snack for a group of 3

Although the interior of the place may not seem very much appealing and inviting, the food is both tasty and affordable. Hence, if you want to indulge on some local food (i.e. Cantonese), you will definitely find the dishes here in this store quite interesting.

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Location: 10-C, Canal Road West, Wan Chai (bordering Causeway Bay), Hong Kong
Operating Hours: Might be 24 hours according to comments in OpenRice (unverified)
Contact No.: +852 2573 1206 (Hong Kong)
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