Celebrating the Merry Cremas Festival 2015 with Alaska Crema

Foodie friends, it's that time of the year when we start hearing songs from Mr. Jose Marie Chan and Mariah Carey. Cities will now be illuminated with colorful lights; streets will be filled with Christmas cheers, and tables will be loaded with a bountiful feast.

Now, in welcoming this most festive month of the year, Alaska Crema held its annual Merry Cremas Festival for 2015 last November 29. We were already speaking of feast a while ago, so let's continue on as I share with you what transpired during this event.

Well, aside from celebrating the coming of Christmas itself, Merry Cremas Festival also celebrated the many uses of Alaska Crema in curating tasty desserts and savory dishes for your upcoming family pig-outs and reunion. To provide you some food ideas, let me share with you some creations of the participating home business and bakeshops in the said event.

With the use of Alaska's all purpose cream, you may choose to create your own version of the usual favorite desserts such as the yema cake, maha blanca, panna cotta, leche flan and others.

Of course, if you have higher culinary skills, you can take everything to the next level by engaging yourself with baking. With the all-purpose cream, you can come up with something as cute as a brownie...

 ...or as grand as this tiered cake.

Now, while some of these dishes may seem highly complicated to create, the people behind these creations confessed that they were not. In fact, they shared how easy it was to make them. They were even generous enough to share their recipes to the attending foodies. Anyway, here are other interesting dishes presented in the event.

We have here some banana cake and carrot cake, and due to the generosity of the owner, the foodies dropping by the booth were given some free taste.

If you are truly going for some pinoy classic favorites, you may want to create some cassava for dessert.

However, if you are more into the unconventional desserts, why not go and try making this crepe cake?

Now, when we think of Alaska Crema, what immediately comes into mind are sweets. However, this event just showed to us that there are other innovative uses of the product.

First off, you may use it to add more dimension of flavors for your soft taco. Yes, at first, I didn't think it would match, but it definitely did!

Other dishes wherein the all-purpose cream may be useful are baked macaroni, white chicken caprese lasagna, chicken paprika, Iloilo La Paz Batchoy and Penang Laksa, rilenong Bangus, creamy crispy sisig, and a whole lot more.

All of these three dishes featured rich creaminess, so I believe this is where the all-purpose cream comes into play. Now, one fantastic thing about food is that there is a thing called "subtlety", and this was somehow evident in these next three dishes.

In these dishes, the all-purpose cream enhanced the flavor as well added a layer of subtle creaminess (well except for the sisig perhaps, since it was really creamy). This made the dishes more interesting and tasty.

Now that there are only a few days before Christmas, let us pour out all our creative juices in making this season of giving tastier and yummier! Just make sure to always have a happy Christmas. Again, Merry Cremas dear foodies!
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