Restaurant Alert: Tsukumo Ramen and its Marukyu Cheese Ramen

Tsukumo Ramen Place in Robinsons Midtown, Ermita

Ramen-lovers, hear this one up! There is a new ramen place that is really popular in Japan, and it has just arrived here in the Philippines. It goes by the name Tsukumo Ramen. One of the servers told me that, in Japan, this restaurant gets all filled up with a lot of customer lining up outside just to have a sip of their uniquely flavored ramen!

We waited for a month for this, and now here I am sharing with you my ramen experience here!

Tsukumo Ramen now in Philippines

Tsukumo Ramen opened its first branch here in Robinsons Midtown, Pedro Gil. It is located on the ground floor in between Cafe Breton and Starbucks.

The interior has this comfortable wooden feel that makes it really homey and relaxing. The design is both a mixture of traditional and modern elements making it really interesting. Plus, you will be fascinated with the Wall of Ramen Bowls. These are the actual bowls used to serve the ramen.

Tsukumo Ramen Bowls

I am not sure if this will be temporary, but there are Japanese staff and chef in the restaurant. It works well because it makes you feel the authenticity and legitness of the place and its dishes.

Tsukumo Ramen in Robinsons Ermita
Chefs at Tsukumo Ramen Philippines

I guess we are now ready to take a sneak peek of some of the dishes offered here in Tsukumo Ramen. Are you ready? Let's begin with a spoonful of appetizer.

Yaki Cheese Onigiri (Grilled Cheese Rise a la Risotto) || P80
The grilled cheese rice risotto when added with soup (of the ramen you'll order) creates a well blended taste
Yaki Cheese Onigiri of Tsukumo Ramen

This delicate and uncommon dish exemplified a balance to bland taste. By itself, it may be boring and meh, but if you mix it up with the soup from your ramen, things really go differently.

Gyoza (Tsukuno Crispy Dumpling) || P180 - 5 pieces
A combination of three types of minced meat and vegetables wrapped inside a thinly stretched dumpling skin cooked to crispness
Gyoza (Tsukuno Crispy Dumpling) of Tsukumo Ramen

This gyoza featured a crunchy tasty flavor that is harmonious and well-blended. The sauce that you may pair up with it enhanced the flavor of the gyoza giving it a sparkly feel in the buds. This is a candidate for my best gyoza!

Marukyu Tomato Cheese Ramen || P420
Fresh red tomatoes combined with the abundance of cheese that produces a full and deep flavor in the mouth

This Tomato Cheese Ramen had this wonderfully refreshing essence of tomato that had this healthy feel. The juiciness of the tomatoes was evident in both the texture and the taste -- this produced appropriate sourness and subtle sweetness. This is really great for an unconventional ramen!

My tip for this one is to eat it really slow, as you allow the cheese to slightly be cooked up and hardened. This will make the taste of the soup more prominent and tasty!

Marukyu Cheese Ramen || P420
A unique combination of cheese and miso with pork-based soup that creates a rare culinary delight; mix noodles together and will add an even more surprising taste
Marukyu Cheese Ramen

This Cheese Ramen featured the same premium cheese saltiness that was rich and potent. Well, I admit that it may be too potent for some, but for a cheese lover like me, I was able to appreciate it!

The noodles were also suitably thick yet soft, while the soup had this dreamy creaminess from the melted cheese that was imported from Holland.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Tsukomo Ramen

Here's a photo of the ever-hungry Chikiting Patrol!

Tsukomo Ramen - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P462 each for a personal bowl of  signature ramen

Overall, I would say that I was able appreciate the relative freshness and uniqueness of the concept. It's really something that deviates away from the traditional ramen (such as in Mendokoro or Yushoken) and those traditional non-traditional (such as in Ramen Nagi). In other words, the Cheese Ramen here in Tsukumo Ramen is indeed nontraditional that may give your palate something refreshingly new! Also, the gyoza is a must-try albeit slightly pricey.

This is a new restaurant from Japan, so I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Share your insights and comments!

Tsukomo Ramen (Closed)
Location: Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila
Service Charge: 10% on price
Contact No.: (+63) 915 1135865

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