S&R's October Halloween and Holiday Party Must-Haves!

A Not-So-Popular Kid S&R October

It's finally arriving -- Christmas is almost here, and I can smell all the rest days and buffets (I can't think of anything witty so I just made them rhyme), but before we go head-over-heels over the most joyful season, let us also not forget about the scariest - Halloween. Well, actually, regardless of that, I'm sure you will be needing to gear up for some parties. This is why here in this blog post, I'm going to share with you some of the great finds I stumbled upon when I visited S&R.

S&R Aseana

Let us first start off with some of the buffet servers to contain all the magnificent food that you'll serve on your awesome party.

TTU 2 Section Rectangle Buffet Server

TTU 2 Section Rectangle Buffet Server (P699.95) - As I often mention in my food reviews, I can't help but take into consideration the plating and the way dishes are presented. For me, the way a dish is served affects your perception of the taste. If we share the same belief, you may want to consider this 2 section rectangle buffet server to contain your dishes that come in pair.

TTU 5-Section Round Buffet Server (P949.95) - If you are planning to have a party with a Chinese motif/cuisine, this buffet server will be amazing to hold off your dimsum or cold cuts!

TTU 5-Section Round Buffet Server (P949.95)

Serving your carefully prepared meals in a highly presentable manner will surely make a good impression to your guests, but it will more so wow them if you can surprise them with something a little unexpected -- like this cotton candy maker!

Ariete Cotton Candy Machine

Ariete Cotton Candy Machine (P4,299.95) - If there will be some kids (or those who feel like 'em) in your party, you may want to provide some thrilling yet sweet snack -- cotton candy! For sure, people will go gaga over it!

Nostalgia Kettle Popcorn Maker

Nostalgia Kettle Popcorn Maker (P4,499.95) - If you really want to be a star and have an epic party, you may want to start popping those corns! Definitely no pun intended! Aside from providing some excellent snacks if you are having a pre-party movie, this by itself can provide entertainment as your guests ogle at the popping process.

Nostalgia Retro Ice Maker (P13,499.95) - Fear no more of running out of ice. With this, it will be easier to prepare all the ice that you need!By the way, you should never ever run out of ice during a party. It's just a big NO!

Nostalgia Retro Chocolate Fountain

Nostalgia Retro Chocolate Fountain (P2,399.95) - Perfect for ending your feast is some awesome desserts. Maybe you want to spark it up by having this as your centerpiece. Plus, think of the chocolate oozing out and flowing like a river -delicious!

Now, as I got lost in my exploration, I ended up in the bath rugs section. Whoa! Now, how did I end up there? 

A Not-So-Popular Kid feeling lost in the rugs section of S&R

Well, there you go! I hope you were able to find this blog post helpful somehow. By the way, I just want to air out my fascination about S&R. I just find it amazing how I can find almost everything I need here in this membership shopping store. #loveSnR
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