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I've known RECIPES for quite already while already. It all started when I had my first dining experience in the Makati branch several years earlier. Then for a couple of few years back, I got to be reunited with it once more via the branch in Robinsons Place Manila. However, in as much as I wanted to document my experience, I had always forgotten to bring my camera.

But Ha! I finally got to reverse the spell! We decided to dine in Recipes, when we dropped by Resorts World Manila (don't worry I didn't gamble, I'm not a player). It was a good thing that I had my camera along with me all day. My grin began to grow so wide.

Recipes in Resorts World Manila

Now, just when I thought I aced it, my camera started winking red at me. This means that any minute it will give up on me, just like the love I never had. Good thing I was quick! I got to cover everything!

I don't want to dwell with the interior, but all I can say is that it was all plain and simple. No drama. No glamour. Yes, the ambiance is highly casual which is in a way helpful in making you just focus on the food. Speaking of food, let me now show you those that we had.

Pork Adobo Flakes w/ Egg || P185
Pork Adobo Flakes w/ Egg Filipino Food

The Adobo Flakes was my least favorite among the dishes we had for the night. It was still okay despite that, since it had this good crunch and mild flavors (but a bit bland).

Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Sauce || P230 
Crispy Tilapia with Tamarind Sauce

Drenched in a sweet, fruity sour tamarind sauce, the crispy tilapia had this wonderful texture which suggested freshness of the fish. I enjoyed this dish so much because the sauce was really fantastic -- balanced and highly complementary. I recommend this one!

Bagoong Rice || P128
Bagoong Rice

The bagoong rice was also fine with its salty-sweet taste that was just right. It went well with most of the dishes we had.

Seafood Rice || P138
Seafood Rice

The seafood rice was surprisingly nice. It got this sufficient seafood essence that brushes on the palate.

Beef Tapa w/ Egg || P185
Filipino Beef Tapa

This meal (yes, it includes 1 cup of rice) was fine possessing the usual goodness we look for a tapa - sweet, savory and somehow greasy.

General's Chicken || P225
General's Chicken of Recipes

Another family favorite is this General Chicken. It had this sweet-soy goodness that coated the fried chicken fillet bites.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in RECIPES

There you go! Now, permit me to share this photo with you -- it's just before we feasted on our orders.

RECIPES - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P220 each for a light to moderate solo dining or group sharing of 4

Overall, I really find the dishes here in Recipes great considering the affordability of their prices. There may not be extra special about them, but I enjoyed their familiar comforting taste. Hence, whenever I am craving for some Filipino food and I don’t have much budget, I usually go for this one.

Location: Level 3, Newport Mall, Newport Blvd, Pasay
Contact No.: (02) 822 1547
Service Charge: 8.9% on price
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