Pulutan, Drinking, Dining and More in Dencio's Restaurant, Harbor Square

Dencio's in Harbor Square

After a day of exhausting work on a Friday, we felt the need to go for some comfort food and to grab a few drinks. Good thing that I was fortunate enough to have this covered by Dencio's! I have known Dencio's for so long, but only by its name. Hence, I felt a wave of satisfaction after finally meeting Dencio's. Now, here in this blog post, I will be sharing with you the all-time favorites with a mix of the newly launched products here in this home of comfort Filipino food.

Play darts in Dencio's

The ambiance here in this Harbor Square branch has this warmness and comfort exuding from the wooden design and elements integrated in the structure. Match this one up with a great view of the Manila Bay, and you'll get a dose of chillaxing feeling.

Interior of Dencio's Restaurant, Harbor Square

Now, just look this magnificent view! Isn't all majestic? With this kind of sight, all your stress from work will dissipate with just one glance of this breathtaking portrait. 

Manila Bay Sunset View from Dencio's

Now that I've set the mood, let's begin feasting on some of the dishes found here in Dencio's. Let's begin with some of the appetizers, shall we?

Hot and Spicy Tofulutan || P125
Hot and Spicy Tofulutan

Although not as silky as it may be, the tofu meat was soft enough to be enjoyable. Also it has this mildly spicy tang with a good crisp on the outside

Macho Nachos || P175
Macho Nachos Pulutan of Dencio's

The Macho Nachos was really great because of the interesting blend of sisig that had a light to moderate kick. The cheese also added another character to the pulutan dish making it quite interesting.

Chicken Isaw Sisig || P212
Chicken Isaw Sisig

This Chicken Isaw Sisig was surprisingly lovely! It's the appetizer dish I loved the most! It got this rich creaminess that had a subtle kick. This potent yet controllable taste masked the texture of the isaw. It was truly a mouthful experience!

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Dencio's

Everyone was all set to dig into the main course, so let me now cut the blabber.

Pancit Dencio's || P205 - Platter || P449 - Bilao
Pancit Dencio - Filipino Food

This pancit was indeed bountiful. It got this great amount of seafood sahog.

Adobo Brown Rice || P299
Adobo Brown Rice

The adobo brown rice was something I appreciated, since it's difficult to find restaurants offering rice other than the common white rice. Note, however, that this one really fills up the tummy (i.e. heavy). Hence, you may want to order this if you are with a group.

Krispy Sisig || P209 - Regular || P319 - Large
Krispy Sisig - Filipino Specialty

This sisig here in Dencio's was particularly interesting because of its wonderful crunch, but more than this it was the tastiness that really made this a winner.

Krispy Pata || P639 - Regular || P759 - Large
Best-selling Crispy Pata

The crispy pata was nice and sufficiently tender. The flavor was just right enough to satisfy the cravings of the buds. Plus, the skin was really crispy, making each bite delightful.

Sari-saring Sinugba || P545
Sari-saring Sinugba of Dencio's

This festive dish was really something I enjoyed! Most of the components of this combo had this tender, fresh and subtly sweet and smokey flavors.The one that really caught my attention was the squid. Actually, I really recommend that one!

Krispy Buntot || P70 / 100g
Krispy Buntot - Tuna of Dencio's

This Krispy Buntot ng Tuna is one of the new dishes here in Dencio's. It got this evident freshness making it delectable to eat.

Napapanahong Prutas || P249
Napapanahong Prutas Dessert

In order to aid our digestion for having too much food, we had this Napapanahong Prutas. It had 4 fruits on the platter - mango, watermelon, apple and orange.

Turon de Sorbetes || P82
Turon de Sorbetes Filipino Dessert

Since I am not a big fan of "fried anything" for desserts, I just helped myself with the sorbetes. It was both sweet and thick -- some true characteristics of a Pinoy ice cream!

A Not-So-Popular Kid with Chikiting Patrol

After releasing our stress from all the munching and eating, we were now ready to have a jolly time here in Dencio's. Well, it was time to have a couple of drinks. Cheers! 

Drinking Place in Manila- Dencio's Restaurant

Beer Tower in Dencio's RestaurantFilipino Beer in Dencio's Restaurant

And of course, the Filipino inuman session will not be complete without the pulutan!

Crispy Chicken Skin || P129
Crispy Chicken Skin of Dencio's

This guiltful pulutan was incredibly tasty (since it appealed heavily to my fat tooth), but I just had a few bites.

Nek-Nek (Chicken Neck)
Nek-Nek  - Fried Chicken Neck

Another pulutan dish was this Nek-nek, which I was too "chicken" (get it?) to eat. Maybe next time, for now, I'll let you win!

Renz Cheng, Troy Palanca and Emil Ong in Harbor Square

Cheers to our awesome samahan! It really feels great to have great food with your great buds! Now after a couple of drinks, this is how we looked like. Nah, kidding! This was all pretend as you may easily know.

Renz Cheng, Troy Palanca and Emil Ong in Dencio's

There you go! I hope you were able to find this blog post useful in finding great places to have fun and enjoy good food in the Metro.

The experience here in Dencio's is truly something worthwhile, since we were able to build more great memories together. Through this visit, I was able to observe how good an avenue Dencio's is for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a great deal of conversation over Filipino comfort food. Plus, here in this particular branch, you can get a good glimpse of a relaxing view of Manila Bay. Feel the light, friendly and chill ambiance as you take a visit here in Dencio's!

Location: Ground Floor, Harbor Square, CCP Complex, Malate, Manila
Contact No.: (02) 552 7058
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