Wok Inn: Casual Hole-in-the-Wall Chinese Restaurant in Malate

Wok Inn Restaurant in Malate

I heard that the Remedios and Malate area, in general, was once regarded as a fantastic food hub. They say it was a booming hot spot! In fact, if I can recall it correctly it was described as the old Makati of some sort. Well, anyway, I may just be telling tales, but I'm sticking with this.

Today, even if the area lost its glory, there is still a handful of restaurants around the area that serve awesome food, and one of them may be Wok Inn.

Wok Inn Restaurant interior

Wok Inn is a Chinese-cuisine-inspired restaurant serving cooked on-demand dishes. There is not much fascinating about the interior, but this can be treated as an advantage as it makes the restaurant highly casual and non-intimidating.

Now, the way it works here in Wok Inn is a bit different. You literally need to walk in (wok inn) and head to the ingredients area where you will pick what you want and specify how you want them cooked.

Ingredients of Wok Inn Restaurant

For this particular visited, we requested for a canton guisado, yang chow fried rice, fried sipa, fried pork spareribs and stuffed tofu. Surprisingly, it only took about 5 minutes before our orders started arriving. Now, shall we get started?

Yang Chow Fried Rice || P230
Wok Inn Yang Chow Fried Rice

The Yang Chow fried rice was all decent and balanced. It was rightly salted and not too greasy.

Canton Guisado || P120
Canton Guisado of Wok Inn

This pansit, on the other hand, was our least favorite dish among all that we ordered. However, don't get me wrong. It tasted fine, but it was just a bit regular. Also, I didn't enjoy the greasy feel of this dish.

Fried Sipa || P100 - 5 pieces 
Fried Sipa of Wok Inn - Chinese Food

This signature dish of Wok Inn was really something I definitely enjoyed with its moderately sweet meat filling that is delicately protected by the crispy wrapper. Now, you will add more wonders to this dish, if you dip the sipa in the special sauce and the chili garlic.

Fried Spicy Pork Spareribs || P220
Fried Spicy Pork Spareribs

This spareribs dish was delightfully tasty and tender. It may be as simple as that, but I was able to appreciate that simplicity.

Stuffed Tofu || P180 Stuffed Tofu Chinese Cuisine

The stuffed tofu was definitely my favorite among the dishes we ordered. It was warm and very much nicely prepared. In fact, I couldn't help but be fascinated by its appropriate silkiness. Also, the sauce that went with it had this soy sauce tang that was just right to complement the entire dish.

Now that we have reached almost the end of this blog post, let me share with you this photo of us just before we indulged in the dishes we ordered.

A Not-So-Popular Kid with Chikiting Patrol FSRM

It was another wonderful foodie experience for us the Chikiting Patrol!

Wok Inn - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P170 each for a light to moderate sharing type of dining with at least a group of 4

Overall, I was able to find our foodie experience here in Wok Inn highly enjoyable. The dishes we had were mostly tasty, and best of all, they were affordably priced. The place may not be that dashing enough  to positively influence the conduciveness of dining, but it was undoubtedly humble and welcoming. The staff were also friendly which makes you feel all perky and at peace.

Now, in my opinion, this has the huge potential of being a home for your comfort Chinese food. Unfortunately, I'm not much into the cuisine, so I'm alright with just trying it. How about you? What do you think of this place? 

Wok Inn
Location: 71 Remedios Corner Mabini Street, Malate, Manila

Contact No.: (02) 526 7744
Service Charge: NONE
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