S&R's September Healthy Deals, Must-Haves and Discounts!

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Ever since we got to shop for the first time in S&R, this membership shopping store has already been a family go-to place for groceries and other home needs. I can still even remember how I got to meet my most beloved white-cheddar cheese popcorn (read more) here about 3 years back. It was truly awesome how you can find rare products there.

For this month, I learned that S&R is bringing out some Healthy Deals, wherein you may purchase big and small home appliances (that are connected to having a healthy and balanced lifestyle) at discounted prices. Now, upon seeing this catalog, I can't help but think of our appliances at home that need replacement.

First off, one of the fans in our home is growing weak, and it is running out of breath. I'm having interest in this Thomson Slim Stand Fan. I tried googling the brand, and it seems like a trusted one. It also looks sturdy and durable.

Now, I'm thinking of asking my mom to buy us a new air purifier, and I can see here in this catalog that S&R has an American Home Air Purifier AHR 500. Well, as you may now I live somewhere in the busy Chinatown District, and the air their, let's just say, has the cleanliness similar to that of the river there. We had one air purifier before, but it didn't last long. It was heartbreaking because that one costed us about P8,000.

Also, since I am heavily into food, I can't help but take interest in this Air Cooker as well as the Convection Cooker. Now, I can't seem to distinguish the two. So again, I googled it up for me to have more idea about it. Hmmm, apparently both uses hot air circulation technique in order to cook the food. What I took note of is that an Air Cooker has a more rapid heating process, thus cooking food much faster. On the other hand, the Convection Cooker banks on the quantity of the food you may cook. Also, since the cooking process is slow for the Convection Cooker, it usually retains more juice of the food.

Finally, I'm taking an eye on the Ceramic Grill Cooker, since I really love grilled food especially barbecues and steaks! It will be perfect to have this for the upcoming summer (not that I'm THAT excited).

Of course, after shopping or even browsing here in S&R, it is always best to drop by the food stalls and have their famous New York Style Pizzas! You may also go for the burgers, hot dogs, beef rolls, chicken rolls and more! By the way, you may also want to know that there is a new pizza variant!

Now, these are all the practical reasons why I love going here in S&R! #loveSnR
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