7 Flavors Buffet Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro in San Juan

7 Flavors Restaurant in San Juan

After checking out two celebrity-owned restaurants for an episode of Pop Talk, we headed to our last food stop here in 7 Flavors. Like the first two ones we visited, this restaurant is also co-owned by a celebrity who is no other than Chef Boy Logro, who is known for his amazing cookmanship and sense of humor.

7 Flavors Restaurant in San Juan

7 Flavors Buffet Restaurant - Interior

Known for its bakery and buffet, 7 Flavors features an interesting concept with its classy yet refreshing ambiance allowing you to feel highly comfortable as you dine in the restaurant.

7 Flavors Restaurant Menu and Design

Here in this blog post, I will be sharing to you some of the ala carte dishes that you may find here in 7 Flavors, then followed by a quick view of its buffet selections. Let's begin!

Salmon Dish of 7 Flavors Restaurant

I can no longer recall what this Salmon dish is particularly called, but all I can remember was it was reasonably priced, and it was incredibly fine.

Braised Lamb Dish of 7 Flavors

This lamb dish was also fantastically cooked with its tenderness and great flavor. I have nothing much to say, but it was also a nice dish. Now, there were other dishes in between, but I was not able to take some photos of them. Well, hopefully, you'll catch this special feature in Pop Talk this Saturday. I've included the details of this special feature at the end of this blog post.

Famous Ensaymada of 7 Flavors

While 7 Flavors may be known for its buffet, it is also well-known for its bakery. One of its most popular pastries is this 7 Flavors Ensaymada, and you got that right, there are 7 special flavors that were incorporated in this dish.

7 Flavors Cheesecake - Chef Boy Logro

Another interesting dish here in the restaurant of Chef Boy Logro is this 7 Flavors Cheesecake. It got this unique combination of flavors that are beautifully bizarre. It's really something you shouldn't miss.

Alright, now that I shared with you a little some of the a la carte dishes, let me then proceed with providing you a brief overview of the buffet sections. Note, however, that I wasn't able to try the buffet here in 7 Flavors. I just took some shots to give you an idea here.

Anyway, let's begin with the appetizers.

Taco bar of 7 Flavors Restaurant

The buffet spread here in 7 Flavors may not be as wide, but there is still a decent amount of selection you may find, such as this Taco area.

Salad Bar of 7 Flavors Restaurant

Of course, the appetizer section will not be complete without the salad bar. Start your feast right with a refreshing serving of greens.

Cold Cuts and Cheese Section - 7 Flavors

Cold cuts and some variety of cheese are also available to tickle your palate.

Sushi in 7 Flavors

As for the sushi, there are about 2 varieties to choose from. The number of selection may not be as numerous as others may have, but the ones found here look considerably nice.

I'll be sharing with you some photos of other dishes available, so you will have an idea of what you may expect to find here in the buffet spread of 7 Flavors.

Unlike in other more expensive buffet restaurants, there is only 1 selection in the carving station of 7 Flavors.

If you feel that you are already full, you may want to end it sweetly by going for some delights found in the desserts section of the buffet.

Choco Brownies of 7 Flavors

That's the end of this blog post as well as this entire Pop Talk series. Please support me in my first ever TV appearance in Pop Talk to be aired in GMA News TV on September 5, 8:00 pm. Thank you very much!

7 Flavors
Buffet Budget: Prices range from P400 to P600 depending on time and day.

Catch my other comments and insights about this place by tuning in to Poptalk this September 5, 2015, 8:00 pm GMA News TV.

Location: 196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City
Contact No.: (02) 543 0325
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