Earth Kitchen - A Delectable Organic and Healthy Dining Experience!

Earth Kitchen in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig

When I first received my invite to try out the food here in Earth Kitchen, I did not have any clue as to what the restaurant offers. Even with its name, I still couldn't think of any possible concept associated with the restaurant. I know it may be obvious, but really, I wasn't able to get it until I tried googling it up.

Now, after learning about the dishes served here in this restaurant, I became ecstatically thrilled. Just in case you too do not have any clue as to what you can find here in Earth Kitchen, just remember these two words: healthy and delicious.

Earth Kitchen in BGC, Taguig

Earth Kitchen first started in White Plains of Quezon City. Soon after it got more renown, the management wanted to spread the love of organic and healthy food in one of the business districts here in the Metro -- Bonifacio Global City or BGC.

Interior of Earth Kitchen in BGC

The theme of Earth Kitchen centralizes on the basics as well as with the natural. Hence, you will find a lot of earthy elements here in this place. This gives out an ambiance of comfort and peace.

Neat and Garden-like Interior of Earth Kitchen in BGC

In fact, due to the garden-like interior of the place, you will feel like having a picnic! This adds a layer of intrigue and enjoyment in the already relaxing atmosphere of the place. Now, we shall proceed with the food served here in Earth Kitchen.

Watermelon and Rocket Salad || P300
Organic/naturally-produced arugula, pili nuts, home-made kesong puti, balsamic vinaigrette
Watermelon and Rocket Salad of Earth Kitchen

This salad was incredibly refreshing with its immense yet down-to-earth flavors. The dressing had this perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, while the pili added a spike of sweetness that created variation to its overall taste. Superb and interesting!

Smoked Tomato Soup || P235
Organic smoked tomatoes, cream, gremalata and garlic bread
Smoked Tomato Soup of Earth Kitchen

This smoked tomato soup was out of this world - a first for my palate! It got this smokey tang that drove my palate nuts. The taste may be too potent and shocking for some, so you need to be open up your foodie senses when having this.

Shrimp Spring Rolls || P220 - Regular || P325 - Large
Shrimp, organic/naturally-produced herbs, greens and peanuts, lime hoisin sauce
Shrimp Spring Rolls of Earth Kitchen

The shrimp spring roll stabilized my excitement with its strong sour zest. The cilantro was also prominent which is not appealing to my taste buds. Still, I was able to take note of its freshness and quality.

Got Heart Mix 1 at P200, Mango Yoghurt Shake at P130 and Got Heart Mix 2 at P200 (left to right)
Healthy Juices of Earth Kitchen

The Got Heart Mix 1 was light and highly refreshing. I loved how mellow the taste was which is why I hail this as my most favorite among the three! On the other hand, the Got Heart Mix 2 was citrus-y that will most likely give you a grimacing face (or the asim-kilig).

Beef Kebab || P410
Boneless beef ribs, tzatziki, grilled vegetables, choice of organic Ifugao rice pillaf, and organic mixed greens
Beef Kebab of Earth Kitchen Restaurant

This Beef Kebab had this fantastic flavor and tenderness. Even without the sauce, it stands on its own! On top of all, the Persian herb is just subtle which is the way I really wanted it to be.

Earth Kitchen Ravioli || P400 
Organic beef and bacon (ground in-house), organic tomato sauce and speghettini
(I forgot to take a photo of this dish because I got too tantalized by the aroma and beauty of this dish. Huhu!).

The risotto was terribly fantastic! The tomato essence perfectly hits the right spots of my buds. Also, the cheesiness was heavenly. Perfect for cheese lovers!

Milanese Risotto || P640 
 Saffron, parmesan, butter, organic braised beef short rib, gremalata
Milanese Risotto of Earth Ktichen Restaurant

This risotto was a food from heaven! It got an overwhelming amount of balanced flavor that brought me to Cloud 9. All the flavors were graciously dancing in my palate.

Goat's Cheese (left) at P270 and Tablea (right) at P200
Goat's Cheese Ice CreamTablea Ice Cream of Earth Kitchen

The goat's cheese ice cream was sweet and fantastically creamy! It had this prominent cheesy taste that highly appealed to my taste buds. I highly recommend this one!

On the other hand, the tablea was milder and less sweet -- ideal for those who like ice cream with softer sweetness. Also, I liked this variant because it was able to capture the bitterness of cocoa.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Earth Kitchen

Now there you go! Let me share with you our photo here in Earth Kitchen with the Ms. Pinky of the Marketing arm of the restaurant and the partner foundation called Got Heart Foundation.

Earth Kitchen in a Nutshell
Overall, my experience here in Earth Kitchen is an excellent one! I just loved everything from the ambiance down to its dishes. Also, my palate really got to explore new flavors, which was undoubtedly electrifying! I may be exaggerating a little, but I really loved all the dishes (well, except for the Spring Rolls which I found okay). Also, I have to admit that the prices here may not be as pocket-friendly, but hey, you'll most likely get your money's worth!

Earth Kitchen
Location: Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact No.: Not yet available

Service Charge: 10% before VAT
Store Hours: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm daily
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