Dine with Vikings Loyalty Card and Be Rewarded with 10% Discount!

Vikings Loyalty Card

Great news my dear foodie friends! The Vikings Group (the one who handles Vikings, Niu and Four Seasons) just recently launched its exciting loyalty program wherein you can earn points and receive special dining perks!

To gain a glimpse of what the Vikings Loyalty Card is about, check out this video:

With Vikings Loyalty Card, you can receive various perks depending on your membership level.

Vikings Membership Levels

How can you participate in the loyalty program?
It's pretty easy, all you need to do is to acquire a Vikings Loyalty Card for a minimum one-time fee of P300. This card does not expire unless you become inactive (non-earning of points for 12 consecutive months)

Is the card transferable? 
Yes (sorry for the initial mix up). The loyalty card is transferable, as per my conversation with an officer of the marketing team, and hence may be used by your family, relatives and friends.

Do you need the card to avail the discount and to earn points?
No. Although it is highly encouraged that you have your card with you, you may still avail the discount and earn points with just the mobile number you used to register your loyalty card. In fact, if you know my mobile number, you can use that one to get yourself a 10% discount. *wink wink* (this is just between the two of us) *wink wink*.

Note, however, that the policy is different when redeeming the points. This time, the card is NEEDED.

ZAP and Vikings Loyalty Program

The points earned through the Vikings Loyalty Card are tracked by the ZAP device. Although such is the case, the Vikings loyalty program is different from that of the ZAP itself. You may want to read more about the ZAP rebate system here (read more).

How can you reach the Silver or Gold status?
Members must reach the following points in order to maintain from their current status or upgrade to the next tier level:
  • Basic Level: 0 – 999 points
  • Silver Level: 1000 – 1500 points
  • Gold Level: 1,501 and above.
However, take note that once the next level is reached, Loyalty Points will reset to zero, and a new membership year shall start. Here's an excerpt from the terms and condition:

Once members have reached the quota for their next tier status, their Loyalty Points (different from Redemption Points) will reset to zero (0) and a new membership year will start. Loyalty Points will reset to zero every membership year automatically, and card holders must dine at Vikings, NIU or Four Seasons, in order to maintain their status. If the quota has not been met within their membership year, the card holder will downgrade to the lower tier from their current status.
But don't worry, points earned for the Vikings Loyalty Card will go to both your Loyalty Points and Redemption Points. Loyalty Points are earned for status (Bronze, Silver and Gold) upgrades, while redemption points are earned for redeeming dining and other rewards.

When redeeming, points will only be deducted from your total available Redemption Points; Loyalty Points will be not deducted since it’s used for status upgrades, renewal and maintenance.

How can you earn those loyalty point and redemption points? 
For every P100 spending in Vikings, Niu and/or Four Seasons, you earn 1 Loyalty and Redemption Point Earned.

Can you use the points to pay for your buffet? 
To redeem points, you simply present your card to the Vikings employee and have your card or tag scanned by the machine. Machine will ask you to input your 6-digit pin to prove your identity. You must have at least a minimum of 20 points equivalent to P20 in order to begin redemption.

A Not-So-Popular Kid and Vikings Loyalty Card

Is it worth it?
Well, honestly I'm a big fan of loyalty programs. I feel valued when there is a loyalty program, but that's just me. It may not have the same effect with you. Still, I personally believe that this card is full of perks (especially the priority entrance during store opening).

For the full details of this Loyalty program, feel free to check out this page: http://vikings.ph/vikings-loyalty-program/
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