Skull and Bones University Comfort Food in UP Town Center

Skull and Bones in UP Town Center

It has been over a year since I graduated last February 2014, and I have to admit, I started to miss parts of college such as being able to go home at 1:30 pm, no classes on Fridays and the like. Luckily, I get to relive the memories when I got invited to try out the newly opened Skull and Bones restaurant in the fast developing UP Town Center in Quezon City.

Skull and Bones University Comfort Food

About Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones is a new addition to the food scene from the team that introduced Borough, NOLITA, LES Bagels, and the recently opened Bowery at the Fort BGC. As a source of "University Comfort Food", this restaurant aims to be the go-to place and watering hole for students in nearby universities as well as residents in neighboring villages. The dishes served are inspired by those that we usually encounter as a college students added with some twist.

To build on the concept, the restaurant was designed to posses the feel of a western college dormitories. It's funny how it reminds me of Sims 2 University and Sims 3 University Life.

Interior of Skull and Bonest in UP Town Center

Aside from just letting you feel the college vibe once more, Skull and Bones lets you experience it yourself by having you engaged in some cool beer games, and of course, what initially comes to mind is nothing but this:

Skull and Bones Beer Pong Table - UP Town

There are also creative concoctions available to spice up further your experience here in Skull and Bones such as Gummi Bear, Jungle Juice, Pop Quiz and Coco Champagne.

Creative drink selection of Skull and Bones Restaurant

Gummi Bear Cocktail

The appetizers found here in Skull and Bones are mostly American and Mexican inspired. I was able to pretty much enjoy the Curly Cheese Fries (P220) because of the mouthwatering cheesy goodness.

Curly Fries || P110
Curly Fries of Skull and Bones

Curly Cheese Fries || P220
Cheesy Curly Fries of Skull and Bones

Nachos Pulled Pork || P380
Nachos Pulled Pork of Skull and Bones Restaurant

Sandwiches, Burritos and Dogs
Most of the main dishes here in Skull and Bones can be eaten on-the-go. Among the dishes I was able to try, it was the burrito that I found most memorable because of the awesome freshness and goodness of the ingredients used. Also, the dip was incredibly creamy, tangy and lovely!

Grilled Cheese Burger || P320
All beef patty, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, fresh sliced tomato, roasted tomato salsa on brioche bread with pan seared butter
University Grilled Cheese Burger

This grilled cheese burger surely had some generous meat serving. Mmmm, protein!

Super Mario || P300
Fried and breaded homemade chicken sausage, sauteed peppers and onions, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of chili flakes, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh parsley on a brioche bun
Super Mario Hotdog Sandwich in Skull and Bones

Both of the dogs were nicely prepared, but they weren't my cup of tea. Perhaps, I really am just not a fan of hotdogs or sausages in a bun.

Egg Benny Burger || P280
All beef patty, smoked bacon, poached egg, bechamel sauce, nutmeg on a whole wheat or brioche bun
Eggs Benny Burger of Skull and Bones

Dirty South || P280 
Rice krispies battered fried chicken patty, imported honey, red cabbage, on a whole wheat or brioche bun lined with mayonnaise
Dirty South Glazed Chicken Burger

Macgruber-ger || P320
Chicken patty, monterrey jack cheese sesame sauteed mushrooms, pico de gallo, fried noodles, spring onion, on a whole wheat or brioche bun, lined with lemon aioli
Macgruber-ger of Skull and Bones University Comfort Food

The burgers were generally tasty with great meaty patty. Each of these burgers that I tried had its own character which made the burger quite interesting.

Shrimp Pineapple Salsa || P490 
Spanish rice, beans, garlic shrimp, pineapple corn salsa, sour cream, mozzarella, monterrey jack cheese in a homemade tortilla
Shrimp Pineapple Salsa Burrito

Popeye || 330 
Brown rice, black beans, spinach, pico de gallo, sour cream, mozzarella, monterrey jack cheese in a spinach tortilla
Popeye Chicken Spinach Burrito

Although relatively more expensive than the usual, these burritos were surely fantastic with their noticeable freshness. According to the chef, all of the ingredients used were fresh and no preservatives or any artificial flavoring was added. This may explain why I really loved the taste and texture of every bite that I had. Plus, I totally loved the sour cream on the side. It was heavenly!

Dorm Room Ramen
These dorm room ramen bowls were inspired by the cup noodles we are all familiar with. In fact, there was a time when I really got addicted with them in such a way that I had a cup once or twice each week.

Gingered Pork Dorm Room Ramen | P200
Gingered Pork Dorm Room Ramen

Spicy Beef Dorm Room Ramen || P200
Spicy Beef Dorm Room Ramen

This Spicy Beef Dorm Room Ramen was surely a hit among my fellow blogger friends, and when I got to try it, I had to agree with them. It had this refreshing tasty soup with a dab of playful kick. This is something you may really want to try.

The desserts here in Skull and Bones are also pretty much nostalgic (well, that is if you had any childhood. Kidding!). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take note of the names, but I promise you that I'll update this once I get to know them.

Homemade Pop Tarts

Skull and Bones - Overall Summary
Overall, I was able to enjoy the nostalgic ambiance here in Skull and Bones. It made me feel like I'm a college dude all over again. The food may not be as spectacular as the ones found in Borough, Nolita and etc. but they are indeed comforting which I believe was very much in line with the theme of the restaurant. Finally, you may now find most of your common comfort food as you take a breather from studies or even work here in Skull and Bones.

Will you be trying this place out?

Skull and Bones University Comfort Food
Location: UP Town Center, Katipunan, 1105 Quezon City, Philippines

Contact No.: +63 9162201668

Store Hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm (Sundays and Mondays), to 12:00 mn (Tuesdays to Thursdays) and to 2:00 (Fridays and Saturdays)
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