Unlimited Samgyupsal in Leann's Tea House, Quezon City

Leann's Tea House serving Korean Cuisine
Leann's Tea House serving Korean Cuisine
When we speak of a tea house, what usually comes into our minds is Chinese cuisine. However, this restaurant in Mother Ignacia St. of Quezon City is revolutionizing that concept as they tag Korean cuisine to it. You haven't probably heard of this place that goes by the name Leann's Tea House, but as soon as you finish reading this preview of the dishes offered here, it may make its mark.

Home turned Restaurant Concept
Just like some of the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that made it big such as Mama Lou's in BF Homes, ParaƱaque, Leann's Tea House also was once a home. Soon after, as opportunity, fate and decision collided, it became a restaurant, and right now this is how it looks like:

Leann's Tea House interior
Leann's Tea House interior - Korean Cuisine restaurant in Quezon City
Since it was designed to be a home, the interior of the place exudes a homey feeling that I find comforting and relaxing, and although the structure and designs were simple, I find the tea house well above decent.

While waiting for the dishes to arrive, we were served this corn tea, which was enjoyable setting off the dining experience right.
Leann's Tea House - Corn Tea
Corn Tea to set off the appetite
Aside from the tea, I also got to try the Mimosa Soju (left):

Mimosa Soju - Leann's Tea House

I picked the Mimosa Soju because it was my first time to try a concoction that uses soju as a base. While it was too sweet based on my level of tolerance, I still got to enjoy it because of the fresh concept.

Set of appetizers in Leann's Tea House
Set of appetizers in Leann's Tea House
Appetizers come with any orders; however, there is a maximum of three (3) refills per table.

Tonkatsu Kimbap || P250
Tonkatsu Kimbap of Leann's Tea House
Tonkatsu Kimbap - an interesting variation! 
The idea of a tonkatsu batter hugging a kimbap was something I found interesting. Also, the slight oxymoron of the dish pretty much amused me wherein the kimbap is made up of healthy ingredients while the outer batter is, well, not as healthy as the inside. Still, I got to enjoy this as well as the tonkatsu dip that went with it.

Hameul Jeon (Seafood Pancake) || P250 
Seafood Pancake of Leann's Tea House
Seafood Pancake of Leann's Tea House
This Seafood Pancake resembles the texture of the Japanese okonomiyaki, which may be one of the reasons why I enjoyed this one. This was aside from the fact that I found the taste really light and refreshing (the way I appreciate it) unlike the overly spiced ones that I've tried before.

Bibimbap || P210 
The Korean Bibimbap of Leann's Tea House
The Korean Bibimbap for a playful flavor!
What I liked about this Bibimbap was how the flavors were tamed and well-blended. Without (or with little) spicy sauce, this dish will seem like a bland dish. However, when you put more of the sauce, the flavors will be heightened making it really interesting.

Galbi Jjim L (Beef Stew) || P720
Korean Beef Stew of Leann's Tea House
The interestingly cooked Korean Beef Stew!
This Korena Beef Stew featured a powerful savory sweet taste that was really different and new for my palate. Pair this up with a tender meat and you'll end up really savoring multitude of flavors of this dish. Although the taste may be strongly distinct, I found it still not overwhelming.

L.A. Galbi || P470
LA Galbi of Leann's Tea House in Quezon City
LA Galbi of Leann's Tea House in Quezon City
Mildly sweet and tender, this LA Galbi was something I found okay but not as interesting as the other dishes. However, what I found highly likable was the sauce that came with it! It was fantastic!

Kimchi Bokkeumbap || P180 
Korean Kimchi Rice of Leann's Tea House
The surprisingly delicious Korean Kimchi Rice
This dish, though didn't look visually stunning, was something I found really stunning. It was so good for me that I was caught off guard. Perhaps it was because of how balanced the flavors were and how the playful kick heightened the experience.

Frozen Tea Samplers || Omija Tea - P150 || Green Tea - P120 || Black Tea - P120
Special frozen tea collection of Leann's Tea House
Leann's Tea House special frozen tea collection
Okay, if you were not impressed by the dishes above, you'll definitely find the frozen tea of Leann's Tea House interesting. Well, it was the first time I was served something like this. I know that there is both a cold and hot tea, but I didn't know that tea can be served as a dessert frozen. Now, at last, we can do away with the traditional desserts here in this tea house!

Note: Those that were served to us were just samplers, actual size is similar to the tall glass beside the mimosa soju photo.

Leann's Tea House - Overall Summary
Overall, I was able to really appreciate the dishes we had here in this restaurant. The funny thing is, despite my lack of enthusiasm for Korean cuisine, I still ended up liking the dishes served! Perhaps the reason why I found the food awesome was because of the harmony in the flavors -- i.e. there was nothing so strong that scratches my taste buds. I'm giving this a thumbs up!

Will you be trying this place out?

Leann's Tea House
Location: 105-R Mother Ignacia Street, Near Tomas Morato, South Triangle, Quezon City (beside Ho Wan)

Contact No.: (02) 4118902

Store Hours: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm and 6:00 - 10:00 pm (Tues )
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