2 New Incredible Yabu Dishes that will Make You Go Crazy

It has been years already since the Katsu Craze hit the Philippines like a storm, and I can remember how amazed I was with the tender and tasty tonkatsu I had during my first ever Yabu Experience. Now, Yabu is going to capture our hearts again with its newest additions -- the Donburi Sets: (1) Salmon Don and (2) Katsu Curry Don.

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The All New Donburi Sets

The Donburi Set comes in a hot stone pot and served with Yabu's unlimited Japanese white or brown rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, cabbage with choice of dressing and bowl of fresh fruits.

Yabu's New Dishes - Katsu Curry Don (left) and Salmon Don (right)
Yabu's New Dishes - Katsu Curry Don (left) and Salmon Don (right)

Salmon Don || P490
1 1/2 inch thick salmon steak with crispy salmon skin and salmon roe. Served on a bed of mixed teriyaki rice with sauteed bell pepper and egg plant.
Yabu's Salmon Don Set
Yabu's Salmon Don Set - perfect for those who look after the goodness of the salmon

There was an exodus of simple yet harmonious flavors coming from this dish, and here are the reasons as to why it is so:

(1) the salmon's freshness was highlighted with the light cooking involved (i.e. parts of it was raw-ish) -- this is how I wanted my salmon to be!

(2) there was a multitude of taste -- saltiness comes from the salmon skin, sweetness from the teriyaki sauce, and umami mixed with saltiness from the salmon roe

A closer look at the Salmon Don of Yabu
A closer look at the Salmon Don of Yabu
(3) the rice was heavily tasty on its own!

(4) aside from the taste, there was also a great mouthful experience coming from the crunchiness of the salmon skin and the partially "tutong" (or slightly burnt) portion of the rice.

Katsu Curry Don || P480 - Rosu || P480 - Hire || P470 - Chicken
Our signature katsu on a bed of beefy Japanese curry, melted mozzarella cheese, with your choice of rosu, hire or chicken katsu. Served in a hot stone pot. Spiciness level may be regular, hot or very hot. 
The Catsu Curry Don Set meal of Yabu
The Catsu Curry Don Set meal for those who want to satisfy with  their palates
I once told in this blog that I'm not fond of anything with curry because my taste buds can't seem to stand the potent flavor. However, this started to change for the past year, and perhaps marking my official acceptance of curry (well, Japanese curry for this matter), is my liking of the uberly amazing Katsu Curry Don!

Going now to the specifics of the dish, let me list down things I was able to note:

(1) the dish featured a balanced curry taste with only a subtle kick. I find this ideal for those not much acquainted with (or starting to get to) the taste of a Japanese curry.

A closer look at the Katsu Curry Don - a seemingly seem food with diverse flavors!
(2) the rosu that came with my dish was excitingly crunchy on the outside but extremely tender in the inside; this made the taste of the Japanese curry mixed with cheese float

(3) the curry sauce was further enhanced by minced pork and mozzarella cheese resulting to a dreamy taste!

Catch the latest dishes in Yabu as soon as possible because they will only last from March 25, 2015 to May 31, 2015.

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  1. Nice writing. I love how you describe the food. It's so vivid that I can taste them just by reading your blog. Keep it up!


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