Food Hack - Appetizer, Steak and Pasta in Dillinger's for Only P180

Dillinger's 1903 - Get 4 Dishes for only P180 each!
Dillinger's 1903 - Get 4 Dishes for only P180 each! 
Think that you can't have anything so good in Greenbelt that are gentle on the wallet? Well, you may have to rethink that one.

Foodie friends, here's a nice trick that will allow you to enjoy an appetizer, steak and pasta of Dilinger's 1903 for only P180, and the things that you need are as simple as follows:

  • A group consisting of 5 foodies
  • A Metrodeal account
  • A credit or debit card acceptable for online transactions
  • An internet connection
  • A whole bunch of appetite

The Food Hack Explained
There's an ongoing deal in Metrodeal wherein you can purchase a P500 worth of food credits for only P299. Check the deal here. This is equivalent to a 40% discount when you utilize it wisely, and since the prices in Dilinger's 1903 are already reasonable even without the voucher, getting 40% off would simply make the dishes very affordable!

Important thing to note about the deal:
  • There is an imposed 1 person: 1 voucher policy
  • The voucher can only be used during the following time:
11am-8:00 pm on Sundays to Wednesdays
11am-5.30pm on Thursdays to Saturdays

Okay, so now that you now those deets, how can you now end up paying P180 each for a sumptuous dining experience? Well, simple, buy 3 of those vouchers and spend exactly or no more than P1,500 (taking into consideration the service charge). Now, to help you out on that, I already picked what can order to not exceed the limit, along with the computation afterwards. These choices are my personal favorites, and you may read about my complete food review here: Must Try Steaks and Pasta Dishes in Dillinger's 1903

Buffalo Wings (P265)

Truffle Pasta (P295)

Carbonara (P245) or Amatriciana (P275)

Peppersteak (P530)

Dillinger's 1903 Metrodeal Promo

Now, you may think that these may not be sufficient for your appetite. Well, I won't argue because you may be right. However, in our case these selections were already sufficient enough to delight us. If you still believe these dishes won't satisfy you, what you can do is to decrease the number of foodies you'll tag along, so you'll end up 4 in the group. This however will pull up the cost per person to P225. Still, not that bad, isn't it?

Let me know what you think of this food hack, and I hope this really does the trick for you!

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