Pizzeria Motorino - Home of Neapolitan Pizza in Greenbelt, Makati

Motorino - Pizzeria Napoletana: Now in Manila!
Motorino - Pizzeria Napoletana: Now in Manila!
I used to share with other people how I really love pizza, and that I won't ever tire of it. However, I suddenly started seeing a decay in that love as I move along with the tides of time. In fact, there were numerous instances when I stop being enthusiastic about having pizza for dinner or lunch. Just as I thought when my liking for pizza was gone, I suddenly saw a poster of Motorino as we were dining in Pia Y Damaso. It says there "the city's best pizza". In just a matter of split second, my curiosity was stirred, and the voice within started to whisper "try me".

Motorino's Wooden Fired Pizza
Motorino's Wooden Fired Pizza
Trusting the Voice Within
Just as the song of Christina Aguilera goes, we must learn to trust the voice within. Hence, I accepted the inner call by promising to myself to give the pizzeria a try -- a week after, I successfully did!

The cozy interior of Motorino with the spectacular metallic ceiling
The Odd Yet Classy Ambiance of Motorino
The first thing I've noticed when I entered the place was the chilly yet visually dashing interior of the restaurant. It has this amazing metallic finish matched with appealing wall ornaments. Actually, if you'll analyze the elements of the interior individually, you won't find anything much interesting. However, because these elements were placed in artsy fashion, they turned out fantastic.

Metallic ceiling and the fancy interior of Motorino
Metallic ceiling and the fancy interior of Motorino
Now, shall we now head on to the dishes? 

Pasta and Meatball || P450
Pasta and Meatball of Motorino
Pasta and Meatball of Motorino - simply fresh and tasty!
This Pasta and Meatball had a strikingly good aroma that really tantalized us all. It also had this fresh tomato sauce that contained authentic sourness mixed with tasty saltiness from the cheese.

Pasta Mascarpone || P495
Creamy, cheesy Pasta Mascarpone of Pizzeria Motorino
Creamy, cheesy Pasta Mascarpone of Pizzeria Motorino
Light yet refreshing good, the Pasta Mascarpone had this creamy & cheesy sauce that I found dreamy since I am much of a cheeselover. Plus, it had this firm yet still al dente pasta!

Now, depending on your inclination towards cheese, you may or may not find this dish amazing.

Soppressata Piccante || P585
Tomato sauce / Fior Di Latte / Spicy Soppressata / Fresh chilies / Garlic Oregano / Pecorino / EV Olive Oil
Mildly spicy Soppressata Piccante of Motorino
Mildly spicy Soppressata Piccante of Motorino
Being only subtly spicy, this Soppressata Piccante pizza was really excellent in its own way. It had this fresh red sauce that went well with the lightness of the crust. The meat added a layer of saltiness but blended well with the sourness-sweetness of the tomato sauce.

Aglio E Formaggio || P395
Garlic / Mozzarella / Pecorino Romano / Italian Parsley / Salt / EV Olive Oil
Aglio and Cheese Neapolitan Pizza - Motorino
Aglio and Cheese Neapolitan Pizza
Probably, the least favorite among the three pizzas we tried, the Aglio and Cheese was something I failed to appreciate. At first it had this excessively salty taste which eventually died down flat as you go along. I couldn't understand the dish.

Carne Trio | P495
Tomato sauce / Mozzarella / Smoked Ham / Prosciutto Bits / Sausage
Carne Trio of Pizzeria Motorino in Greenbelt
Carne Trio of Pizzeria Motorino in Greenbelt
Almost similar to that of the first pizza, this one featured more meat, but other than that it was as good as the Soppressata Piccante.

Motorino Pizzeria - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★ 
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P400 per head for  (for a group of 4)

Although the restaurant can be seen as really pricey, I found the food here in Motorino fascinating with the Neapolitan pizza being a bit weird but unique. However, more than the pizza itself it was the sauce and its authenticity that I really adored. The same goes for the sauces used for the pasta! Hence, if you a pizza that is slightly different than the usual ones, go for Motorino! I'm actually craving for one as of this writing.

How about you - do you recommend this place?

Motorino Pizzeria
Location: Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

Contact No.: (02) 7548018
Service Charge: 10% before VAT

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