Discovering the All New Palabok of Mang Inasal

I am not sure if I already mentioned it here in this blog, but I usually don't share the same enthusiasm other people have on the Filipino classic merienda called palabok. Well, it's not that I dislike the taste, but I would often rather have something else other than a palabok. However, this was before I get to try out something interesting.

When I saw this TV commercial of Mang Inasal showing how different their palabok is from others (i.e. tastier sauce and ingredients), I became really curious, and my view on palabok got consequentially challenged.

With the mission of satisfying that curiosity, I decided to try out Mang Inasal's new product and head on to the branch closest to my heart -- Mang Inasal  in Vito Cruz (near my alma matter) -- the place where we usually pigged out -- consuming more than 4 cups of rice to go with the Pecho chicken. Ahh, the memories!

Mang Inasal Palabok

Mang Inasal Palabok
Served on Mang Inasal's iconic green platter, the palabok looked tantalizing with its alluring simplicity. The sauce looked rightly vibrant, and the ingredients made the plate really look pleasing - giving you a "this-will-most-likely-be-good" appeal.

In fact, it was so tantalizing (probably because I was really that curious to try it out) that I needed to mindfully contain myself as I took some snap shots of the dish. After a couple of clicks on my phone, I immediately dug in, almost literally.

The first thing that struck me during my first forkful was the playful crunch from the chicharon bits, this was followed by the rich taste of the thick palabok sauce. It was really interesting just the way the label "Sauce at sangkap, Ohh Sarap" puts it!

I really enjoyed my palabok to a point where I wanted my mom and dad to try it out, so I ordered one for takeout. They both liked it as well!

Mang Inasal Palabok

Due to this discovery, I will no longer have difficulty thinking about what to have for merienda. Mang Inasal Palabok will surely save the day! Hence, foodie friends, why don't you also give it a try, and share what you think here?

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