SALT Steakhouse's Affordable T-Bone Steak and More

Salt's Top-Selling T-Bone Streak in Makati
Salt's Top-Selling T-Bone Streak in Makati
I'm happy to share with you that I'm making progress in attaining my personal goals this 2015 (which include visiting a number of new restaurants while not going beyond my budgeted spending). To add more to that progress, my work mates and I decided to have some get-together over dinner. Now, being a foodie, they asked me to be the one to pick out the place. Having heard of the restaurant so many times over the last months, I decided to go for SALT. Sadly, it was not much of a smart choice.

A part of the interior of Salt in Poblacion, Makati
A part of the interior of Salt in Poblacion, Makati
Salt - a Hidden Homey Place
SALT may not be easy to spot on due to it being a hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Hence, navigating your way into the deep streets of Poblacion may not be an easy feat (not unless you seek the help of Waze or any navigation apps). However, as soon as you find the place, you'll heave a sigh of relief and comfort with its homey appeal, especially when you enter into the cabin-like indoor area.

(Since Salt is a steakhouse, I can't help but remember RAP Steaks and Cakes near the university where I studied)

Undeniably, I really liked the interior, but it surely further pushed up my expectation from the place. Well, I'm sure you know where I'm heading, so let us now explore the food here.

Grilled Cajun Chicken || P180
Salt's Grilled Cajun Chicken in Makati
Salt's Grilled Cajun Chicken
Considerably tender despite the appearance, the Cajun Chicken was nice with its noticeable herby taste and smokey zest from the grilling. However, with just a P10 difference from the price of the T-Bone Steak, I might go for that one instead.

Beef Salpicao || P220
The Beef Salpicao of Salt in Makati
The Beef Salpicao of Salt in Makati
Plainly served with small serving size, this Beef Salpicao was tender, savory and garlicky! It may not be something highly noteworthy, but it was more than decent.

Grilled Tuna || P220
The overcooked and dry Grilled Tuna of Salt
The overcooked and dry Grilled Tuna
I got majorly disappointed with this dish because I chose this over the T-Bone Steak. A lot of factors even those not concerning this restaurant may have contributed to me not liking the dish, but one of them was the apparent dryness of the tuna meat.

Baked Salmon || P320
SALT' Steakhouse's Baked Salmon
SALT Steakhouse's Baked Salmon for those who are craving for some fish
Even though I wasn't able to try this, my friend Chris mentioned that the fish was rightly baked but a bit salty than what he usually enjoys.

T-Bone Steak || P190
T-Bone Steak cooked well-done with choice of gravy, pepper cream or barbecue for the sauce. Served with potatoes and rice. 
SALT's famous yet affordable T-Bone Steak
SALT's famous yet affordable T-Bone Steak
With the lack of tenderness undermining the potential of the T-Bone Steak, this dish seemed really ordinary with nothing much special except its affordability. Also, there seems to be a consistency issue with how it was cooked. I tried getting a slice of another friend, and the texture and tenderness differed.

Tartufo Balls || P130 
Salt's Tartufo Ball for DessertSalt's Tartufo Ball for Dessert (Opened)

Although relatively expensive, this dessert was surely a winner with its rich and creamy chocolate ice cream coated by the rightly bitter cocoa. It also had this heavenly candied cherry that made everything worthwhile. I have to admit it - the Tartufo Ball saved the night!

A Not-So-Popular Kid with SGV Friends in Salt, Poblacion, Makati
A Not-So-Popular Kid with SGV Friends in Salt, Poblacion, Makati
Now, let me share this photo of my friends from work. This is for me to immortalize a moment of building friendship.

SALT Steakhouse - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service ★★☆ (Inaccurate Billing and Unfriendly Vibe)
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P180 per head for a single dish

Salt may offer an air of comfort and peace from its isolation from the busy streets of Makati; however, the dishes may not be as noteworthy as we initially thought. I made a quick interview on what my colleagues think of the food, and most of them said that they weren't much impressed as well. Now, there is a possibility that we have come here at a wrong time, but for this particularly dining experience, I didn't find a strong basis to give a positive recommendation.

I'm hoping that we can hear from you, since again, I may not be right with all these observations.

How about you - do you recommend this place?

Location: 5887 Fermina Street, Corner Enriquez Street, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

Service Charge: None
Store hours: 11:00 am to 1:00 am daily except Monday

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  1. Thanks for dropping by Mikie! You have an interesting blog as well! :D

  2. Thanks for the honest review. Too bad because I wanted to try this pa naman. :\

  3. Michy, feel free to still give this a try. I might be in the not-so-good mood when we visited there. This could have impaired my opinion on the food.


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