A Peek at the Executive Suite of Diamond Hotel along Roxas Boulevard

I've been wanting to post about our experience here in Diamond Hotel several months back, but I lacked the time and drive to do so, but since it's Christmas break, I finally had the opportunity to blog about it. Now, shall we do some short tour? 

Executive Suite of Diamond Hotel
Executive Suite of Diamond Hotel

Executive Suite of Diamond Hotel
It was on July 11, 2014 when my sister received a surprise birthday gift entitling her to a one-day stay in Diamond Hotel's executive suite, and just like that, we were able to experience a highly pampering and relaxing overnight stay.

The "Living Room" Area of the Executive Suit, Diamond Hotel
The "Living Room" Area of the Executive Suite, Diamond Hotel
Comfy and Cozy Chairs in the Living Room
Comfy and cozy chairs in the Living Room
Upon opening the door of the suite, I got extremely amazed by the size of the room. Perhaps it was attributable to the fact that it was my first time to actually see an executive suite. Unlike the regular rooms that I'm acquainted with, the suite had a spacious living room with a larger than usual TV and a comfier sofa.
The Queen Size Bed of the Executive Suite in Diamond Hotel
The Queen Size Bed of the Executive Suite in Diamond Hotel

The bedroom, on the other hand, was highly tantalizing with its comfy and seductive appeal. Upon laying sight on it, the bed started calling my name, but I decided to shrug it off since I was still taking photos of the suite. However, the second time it happened, I gave in to its tempting offer of comfort and relaxation.

Bathroom - Executive Suite of Diamond Hotel
The shower area of the spacious bathroom
Bath Tub, Executive Suite of Diamond Hotel
The bad tub in the same spacious bathroom

There are two bath rooms as well. The first one has a toilet and a shower, while the second one, found in the bedroom, has a toilet, a shower, a large breathable space and a bath tub. On top of that, you'll find a bath salt there to suit your relaxation needs.

Hotel Amenities

Oh by the way, I just want to highlight a few of the interesting hotel amenities (these are inclusive to your stay in the hotel):
  • Swimming Pool - irregularly shaped medium-sized pool
  • Gym - treadmill, 4-5 gym equipment and dumbbells 
  • Sauna and Steam Room - located in the gym area

The next morning, I was unexpectedly bewildered by the sight of something grandeur. The scene was just so serene and amazing that every time I looked at it, I instantly felt the zen and a huge wave of calming sensation.

The view of Manila Bay from the executive suite of Diamond Hotel
The view of Manila Bay from the executive suite of Diamond Hotel
Now, the overnight stay came with a breakfast buffet for two (2), and since they know how big of a foodie I am, they decided to give me the "slot".

Breakfast in Diamond Hotel
Calming Breakfast in Diamond Hotel

Unlike the lunch or dinner buffet of Diamond Hotel, the breakfast offering didn't seem to meet my expectations. Most of what was served was either okay or slight above it. Nothing really caught my attention that could have made the breakfast more memorable and awesome. Nevertheless, I left the table still satisfied and full; after all, I really enjoyed the classy and bright ambiance of the restaurant.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the hotel's executive suite, be sure to check back the blog for a post regarding Diamond Hotel's Dinner Buffet. 
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