The All-New Teriyaki Boy Experience in Glorietta, Makati

The newly renovated Teriyaki Boy in Glorietta, Makati
The newly renovated Teriyaki Boy in Glorietta, Makati
Soon after being acquired by the Max's Group, Teriyaki Boy began to undergo a lot of subtle but significant changes. Although these changes are still currently being rolled out across branches, Teriyaki Boy already completed one in its Glorietta Branch, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to check out the place and, of course, the food.

A New Teriyaki Boy
Aside from the obvious replacement of the logo, Teriyaki Boy also revamped its menu and overall concept. Instead of the regular casual ambiance, the management has decided to mix a dash of classiness to the interior and design. However, even if this was done so, there is still an air of comfort that allows you to just be yourself as you enjoy the conversation and the food.

The management also mentioned that it further improved the dishes into a "higher standard". Through this invite, I was able to test the validity of such statement. Hence, let's begin exploring!

Appetizers, Sashimi and Rolls
Tempura Tuna Tartare || P155 
A spicy mix of tuna sashimi, Japanese mayo and tempura flakes. A bestseller in its own right! 
The best selling Tempura Tuna Tartare of Teriyaki Boy
The best selling Tempura Tuna Tartare of Teriyaki Boy
This amazing appetizer, which practically reminded me of the Spicy Toro Sashimi of Nihonbashi Tei in Makati, was definitely a stunner! I loved how playful the wasabi-like spiciness was as well as the crunchiness from the tempura flakes.

Sashimi Salad || P299
Cubes of fresh Norwegian salmon and yellowfin tuna in between a bed of greens, crunchy kani strips and fresh shrimp roe served with a concoction of sashimi dressing
Sashimi Salad of Teriyaki Boy
A basket of freshness - Sashimi Salad! 
Ranging from bland to lightly sour (unless you request for more dressing), this Sashimi Salad offered a bunch of freshness (from the sashimi and greens) mixed with crunchiness (from the fried kani strips on top).

Okonomiyaki || P88
Japanese savory pancake made of a special batter recipe, vegetables, squid, topped with bonito flakes
Okonomiyaki of Teriyaki Boy
A Japanese staple - Okonomiyaki! 
This Okonomiyaki served featured a balanced flavor wherein the lovely Japanese mayo adds up a savory sourness.

Blogger's note and tip: I've been to a handful of Teriyaki Boy branches, and the taste and quality of Okonomiyaki differed from one branch to another. Hence, for better consistency and control of taste, request beforehand for light to moderate mayo drizzles on top of the okonomiyaki.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Maki || P289 
Teriyaki Boy Chicken in a roll - wrapped in nori, topped with a combo of chicken skin, grilled chicken and Japanese mayonnaise
The Tasty Teriyaki Boy Chicken Maki
The tasty Teriyaki Boy Chicken Maki - a must try!
This "it-is-so-huge-it-will-not-fit-in-your-mouth" Teriyaki Boy Chicken Maki was sensational with its exciting layers of flavors.

Dragon Maki || P399 
Named because of its shape, Dragon Maki is a savory roll of breaded shrimp covered with sushi rice, topped with grilled eel and sprinkled with sesame seeds
The photogenic Dragon Maki of Teriyaki Boy Restaurant
The photogenic Dragon Maki of Teriyaki Boy Restaurant
Although apparently expensive, this Dragon Maki surely sparked up the evening with its distinct and memorable seafood goodness!

Green Tea Milk Shake || P125 
The mildly sweet Green Tea Milk Shake of Teriyaki Boy
The mildly sweet Green Tea Milk Shake of Teriyaki Boy
This amazing drink simply caught me off guard with the remarkable balanced sweetness, creaminess and green tea essence! Even my good friend, Teta of, who isn't a fan of the flavor, liked the drink so much!

Main Dishes
Gyu Don || P314
Thinly sliced beef stir-fried with special Teriyaki Boy sauce, topped with raw egg and sesame seeds, laid on a bed of steamed Japanese rice
The Gyudon of Teriyaki Boy Japanese Restaurant
The Gyudon of Teriyaki Boy Japanese Restaurant
Although relatively more expensive compared to other Donburi selections, this Gyudon definitely showcased something interesting especially with its sticky Japanese rice and savory sauce.

Blogger's Tip: Allow the Gyudon to settle for a while after stirring the contents, so that the egg yolk blends well with the meat and the entire rice bowl dish.

Teriyaki Boy Chicken || P214 
Succulent boneless chicken ,marinated and cooked with special Teriyaki Boy sauce
The best-selling Teriyaki Boy Chicken
The best-selling Teriyaki Boy Chicken
Marked by the lovely crunchy skin and smokey taste, this Teriyaki Boy Chicken surely is worthy of being hailed as the All-Time Bestseller!

Chikuwa Fish Tempura || P219
Battered and deep-fried, this fish cake dish is wrapped with nori and injected with cream cheese at the center
An uncommon dish in Teriyaki Boy - Chikuwa Fish Tempura
An uncommon dish in Teriyaki Boy - Chikuwa Fish Tempura
It was my first time to try a dish such as this, but other than being uncommon, this Chikuwa Fish Temura didn't have something very much special in it. Based on my perception, it tasted like a squid ball with a touch of un-harmonizing cream cheese.

However, do not be too discouraged to try this because my fellow food blogger, Teta, said that she really enjoyed it.

Wafu Steak || P366
Premium diced-cut beef, perfectly seared and stir-fried with garlic and teppanyaki sauce, served with a siding of sesame moyashi
The Wafu Steak of Teriyaki Boy Restaurant
The Wafu Steak of Teriyaki Boy Restaurant
Buttery and garlicky are the two words that will describe this dish!

Beef Tataki || P499  *go for medium rare*
Wafu steak, grilled and seared on top of a layer of buttered mixed mushrooms. 
Beef Tataki of Teriyaki Boy
The amazing Beef Tataki - surely a must try when cooked right! 
Topping the previously served Wafu steak, this Beef Tataki was one huge of an unexpected scene stealer! It was really all tender, juicy and nice!

Mango Bavarian || P79
Jelly with bits of sweet mango topped with whipped cream
Mango Bavarian Dessert of Teriyaki Boy
Delightful dessert with balanced sweetness and flavor - Mango Bavarian!
Probably the best dessert among the three options here in Teriyaki Boy, this Mango Bavarian featured something tranquil due to the balanced sweetness and creaminess.

Green Tea Jelly || P69
Green Tea gelatin with whipped crea and adzuki beans
Green Tea Jelly of Teriyaki Boy
Light and subtle Green Tea Jelly dessert!
Although the base was generally light (or bland in some respects), the atsuki beans and whipped cream on top compensated for it.

Mango Tempura with Vanilla Ice Cream || P229
Slice of yellow mango dipped in tempura batter, deep-fried with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup
Mango Tempura with Vanilla Ice Cream of Teriyaki Boy
Mango Tempura with Vanilla Ice Cream
Honesty compels me to tell you that I did not enjoy this dessert, and the reason behind this is my lack of fondness for fried desserts. Well, based on my personal belief, desserts are there to supposedly detach you from the savory dishes (i.e. strong flavored main course dishes). However, in this case, it instead mimicked one. Also, the taste for me was quite predictable and mostly just okay.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Teriyaki Boy, Glorietta 3, Makati
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Teriyaki Boy, Glorietta 3, Makati

Teriyaki Boy - Summary
Budget Needed: P250 - P350 each person 
Teriyaki Boy surely has a huge potential in providing amazing Japanese delights that are surely affordable (at least relative to other Japanese restaurants providing similar dishes).

I need to note however that not all infinities are equal because some infinities are bigger than other infinities. Oh, that's from The Fault in Our Stars. What I meant was, you need to remember that not all branches are equal. Hence, one branch may outdo another branch, while some branch may not be as good as another. However, admittedly, with my exposure in various branches, I can say that this is the best so far.

How about you - do you recommend this place?

Teriyaki Boy
Location: Ground Floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City

Contact No: (02) 840 1047 [retrieved from Zomato]

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