Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream by Kool Kidz in SM Megamall

Marking the end of our Mega Food Wok Food Tour was this 6th stop to a dessert place called Kool Kidz. At first, I thought this will just be an ordinary ice cream place wherein the staff scoops from a pint or gallon some ice cream and place it on a cone. However, it wasn't, and you'll probably be amazed after learning how differently they make their ice cream here (just like I did)!

Kool Kidz Ice Cream Store in SM MegamallPouring nitrogen in making the Ice Cream at Kool Kidz

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
All the ice cream here in Kool Kidz are made on the spot as if done by magic! However, the trick used is not kept secret. You’ll be witnessing the entire process of using nitrogen to solidify the liquid mix to an ice cream! Actually, one of the highlights in this store is really the “show” of making the ice cream.

Alright, now that you get the idea, let me share with you the one we had for the food tour.

Liquid Nitrogen Mooncake-Inspired Ice Cream 
Liquid nitrogen mooncake-inspired ice cream of Kool Kidz
Liquid nitrogen mooncake-inspired ice cream of Kool Kidz
Since it was the mooncake season when we had the food tour, Kool Kidz offered something related to it. With this, the owner made a special ice cream recipe/flavor that was mooncake-inspired.

Although I found the taste a little bit weird, I appreciated the beauty of the process as well as the uniqueness of the bean-like flavor of the ice cream. Unfortunately, in its overall, this particular variant wasn't my cup of tea.

Also, since I was too full, I failed to try other flavors here in Kool Kidz. However, I was able to note that the prices of the ice cream here in Kool Kidz range from P120 to P150 for regular size and P150 to P230 for large

Kool Kidz - Summary

Give your approval or disapproval to Kool Kidz

I'm not sure whether my satiation with the amount of food I consumed impaired my taste buds, but I wasn't able to find something spectacular with the “special ice cream” of Kool Kidz. However, I need to validate this once more by trying other flavors and trying them out when I’m not full.
Fellow foodie friends, I would really appreciate it if you can drop some insights regarding the ice cream here in Kool Kidz. I’d like to hear from you! 

Kool Kidz
Location: Fifth Floor, SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Mega Mall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Contact No.: (02) 5793495 [retrieved from Zomato]

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  1. I tried liquid nitrogen ice cream but in Maginhawa. It was so-so but fun to see how they made it haha. Does that melt quickly too?

  2. Oooh! This one melts quickly too! I think ganun talaga if Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. :D


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