Gonuts Donuts' Choco Hazelnut and Cookie Butter Spreads + Sugar Twist

Amidst my preparation for the upcoming board exam, a simple package came up from Gonuts Donuts, and that event instantly became the highlight of the day. Well, that was practically because all day long I was just facing numbers and anything accounting-related; hence, seeing something other than those things simply induced great happiness within me.

You may probably think that what arrived were donuts – after all, what would you expect from “Gonuts DONUTS” right? Surprisingly, the package contained something different, and I guess these are new products the donut shop just launched. Alright, I know you are curious (the same way I was when the package arrived), so let me reveal the things I got.

Gonuts Donuts - New Spreads and Sugar Twist
Gonuts Donuts - New Spreads and Sugar Twist

There were three things that came with the small delivery box namely the Sugar Twist, the Cookie Butter Spread and the Choco Hazelnut Spread. Unfortunately, since I was having a terrible cold that time, I needed to wait a few days before I can actually taste each of them. However due to my fast recovery (thanks to all those who prayed for me), it became sooner than expected that I got to satisfy my curiosity.

Cookie Butter and Chocol Hazelnut Spread + Sugar Twist by Gonuts Donuts
Cookie Butter and Chocol Hazelnut Spread + Sugar Twist by Gonuts Donuts

Gonnuts Donuts Sugar Twist 
The sugar twist was visually promising; however, beauty wasn’t “skin-deep” for this particular matter. At first bite, you’ll enjoy the mild sweetness and slight crunchiness, but it had a peculiar aftertaste which I believe was a manifestation of being short with freshness. Well, perhaps it was because of the handling and delivery process that caused it, but I would have really appreciated the twists if they tasted really oven-baked fresh.

Choco Hazelnut Spread of Gonuts Donuts
Choco Hazelnut Spread of Gonuts Donuts
Choco Hazelnut Spread 
This spread is entirely different from the usual ones I am acquainted with such as the Nutella and Crumpy because of the rather complex flavour. Usually, from those two other brands mentioned, I get a uniform texture and flavor of choco-hazelnut goodness; however, for Gonuts Donuts' spread there was something else that I found somewhat distracting, and the somehow granulated texture didn't help either.

Honestly, it wasn't so bad, but it just didn't fit my preferences when it comes to a choco-hazelnut spread. In other words, it's not my kind of spread. However, I understand that each of us has different interpretation of taste and flavors; hence, I still think that you could give this a try!

Cookie Butter Spread of Gonuts Donuts
Cookie Butter Spread of Gonuts Donuts
Cookie Butter Spread 
Okay, among the three goods that came, this one was something I found decent and compatible with my taste preference. Of course, it had the cookie butter goodness in it, but there was an overpowering taste that I assume came from the nutmeg (since it’s one of the ingredients). Frankly, I still enjoy the known brands more, but this one is definitely okay for me. Also, I can sense that others will find the nutmeg blend enjoyable, so I’m urging you to give this one a try.

Additional note (7/23/14): After consuming almost half of the spread, I realized that the nutmeg blend is a bit of an acquired taste. Now, I'm loving this spread more! 

A closer look of the Cookie Butter Spread of Gonuts Donuts
A closer look of the Cookie Butter Spread of Gonuts Donuts

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this blog post on Gonuts Donuts spreads and sugar twist! Generally, I would say that all the goods had wonderful packages; however, there are still things that can be improved with their formula.

By the way, these products are available in all the Gonuts Donuts shops. Also, please do share your insights about the products if you already got to try them out! I’ll be really happy to hear from you. Peace!

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