Sugi Restaurant - Authentic Japanese Food at its Finest

Sugi Restaurant in Greenbelt - Japanese Food at its Finest
Sugi Restaurant in Greenbelt - Japanese Food at its Finest
In celebration of Father's Day, my family decided to dine in one of our favorite Japanese restaurants here in Makati - Sugi! I know you may be intimidated by how the place looks and sounds like, and that may cause you to presume that it is expensive here in Sugi. However, I'll contest that it is not (well, not too much at the least). With proper selection of dishes to order, you may still enjoy dining here Sugi without breaking the budget too much.

Here let me share with you this post, to aid you in knowing what to order in this fine-looking restaurant!

Sugi Interior and Room for Private Celebrations
Sugi Greenbelt - InteriorSugi Greenbelt - Private Room

Japanese Food at Its Finest

Before we actually came into the restaurants, I already planned 75% of what we would order taking into consideration the price of the dishes. In this way, I was able to lessen the bill by 33% as opposed to our last visit.

Kaiware Kani Salad || P250
Radish sprouts and crabmeat with choice of dressing - (we chose Japanese mayo)
Kaiware Kani Salad of Sugi
Kaiware Kani Salad - something different for a salad! 
This Salad featured a unique kind of veggy base which is more on the sprout family rather than the usual leaf one. So, this alone made it really different and refreshing for my taste buds. What added flavor to the salad was the Japanese mayo, which I found highly stimulating together with the kani!

Mini Agedashi Tofu || P170 
Fried soft beancurd with sweet vinegared soy sauce
The delicate Mini Agedashi Tofu of Sugi Restaurant
The delicate Mini Agedashi Tofu of Sugi Restaurant
The Mini Agedashi Tofu was really a hit! It was rightly fried leaving the outer part considerably crisp and the inside very much tender and nice. Due to this delicate frying technique, it had a “burst in your mouth sensation”. On top of all, the sauce was really sweet and savory, and distinctly Japanese!

Sanshoki Maki || P340
Sushi roll with tuna, ika (squid) and cucumber - 8 pieces
The amazing Sanshoki Maki of Sugi Restaurant
The amazing Sanshoki Maki of Sugi Restaurant
This Sanshoki Maki was also a considerable first for me because of the blend of raw tuna and squid! I didn't know that both of them when mixed together produce high stimulants for the taste buds!

Chawan Mushi || P135 
Steamed egg custard soup served in special Japanese cup
The incredibly smooth Chawan Mushi of Sugi Restaurant
The incredibly smooth Chawan Mushi of Sugi Restaurant
The Chawan Mushi of Sugi can be considered one of the best ones in town! It had a very soupy and soft texture that slides into the tongue. Also, the seafood taste together with the blend of steamed egg created an awesome tandem of harmonized flavor.

Maguro Nattou || P200 
Fresh tuna meat with fermented soybeans
Maguro Nattou of Sugi Restaurant
The interesting raw tuna dish - Maguro Nattou
The tuna was definitely a first for my sight! It was presented very neatly, and got its tantalizing appeal. You eat this dish by mixing all the ingredients together as you pour some soy sauce. You need to try this one just for the fun of it. Of course, it tasted much like your Tuna Sashimi, but the added dimension and flavour were very much interesting.

Okonomiyaki || P340
Samurai Pizza (Japanese Pizza concoction of cabbage, thin sliced pork, egg, spices and special sauce)
Okonomiyaki of Sugi Restaurant
Surprise your taste buds with multidimensional flavors with the Okonomiyaki of Sugi
This Okonomiyaki was one of the finest I had so far with its appropriate "soft yet firm" texture, and its rightly sweet and savory sauce on top.

Ebi Tenpura || P390
All prawn tenpura - 5 pieces
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I actually don't have an idea why Sugi calls it Tenpura rather than Tempura. Anyway, this tempura dish was cooked delicately with the batter being crunchy and the prawns being fresh and fine! Yup, the result was fantastic! In addition, the sauce that came with it had a well-balanced flavor which went pretty well with the tempura as well as the components of the mixed tempura (below).

Tenpura Moriawase || P320
Assorted tenpura (prawns and vegetables)
Tenpura Moriawase of Sugi Restaurant
The Mixed Tempura or "Tenpura Moriawase"
This mixed tempura included 2 prawns, 1 fish and the rest were veggies such as shitake mushroom, golden mushroom, eggplant and okra. Although the taste was just fine, I would still recommend the Ebi Tenpura over this, considering the price and the satisfaction.

Yakitori Moriawase || P280
Assorted chicken barbecue - 6 types of Chicken

The Yakitori Mariwase was really interesting because of the diversity on the plate. It was like a mixed of street and restaurant food placed together in a single dish, enhanced by a uniformly sweet and tasty sauce. By the way, you have an option whether to just use salt or teriyaki sauce. We opted for the latter, and I suggest you do the same as well.

Beef Teriyaki || P420 
Grilled thinly sliced beef tenderloin with Sugi terriyaki sauce
The tastiest Beef Teriyaki in town by Sugi Restaurant
The tastiest Beef Teriyaki in town by Sugi Restaurant
The Beef Teriyaki was at its finest from the taste to the texture! Well, I think the Teriyaki sauce of Sugi did the trick!

Saba Shioyaki || P500 
Grilled mackerel, slightly salted
A fish dish with a potent and abundant flavor - Saba Shioyaki (Sugi Restaurant)
A fish dish with a potent and abundant flavor - Saba Shioyaki
The mackerel was very much fresh and tasty. It was cooked in such a way that the pure potential taste of the mackarel was maximized!

Friendly note: The fish bones were removed, although a very few remained.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Sugi Restaurant for Father's Day
A Not-So-Popular Kid in Sugi Restaurant for Father's Day!

Sugi - Ratings
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. 
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service ★★
Price ★★
Budget needed: at least P700 per person (coming in a group of 6) for something like the ones above

Give your own rating to Sugi

I have to admit that I really liked my dining experience here in Sugi, and I believe that's because of the planning we had before coming in to the place. All the dishes were in line with my palate, and the satisfaction I got was at its peak!

The price may be classified as "high", but the awesomeness of the dishes brings justice to the price you'll pay up.

Sugi Japanese Restaurant
Location: Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St., Ayala Center Makati City

Reservation No.: (02) 757-3678 to 79
Store Hours: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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  1. Che Che (Elmira Joson-Rivera)June 21, 2014 at 8:38 PM

    Oh, I miss Sugi, Renz! It was one of the Japanese restaurants we frequented when I was working in Makati. The refreshing Kani Salad, the silky Agedashi, and the sweet-salty Beef Teriyaki are our faves. I have to put this resto on top of my list of places to visit the next time we go to the area. :D

  2. Grabe no? They really offer super awesome food! Talaga Japanese kung Japanese. Thank you for dropping by, and seeing you again a while ago! :)


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