Metro Vigan Inn - A Budget Hotel for Tourists and Backpackers

The Facade of the new Budget Hotel  called Metro Vigan Inn
The Facade of the new Budget Hotel  called Metro Vigan Inn 
It was truly a blessing to be invited into a Road Trip to Vigan where I got to visit the province for the first time and of course indulge in a wondrous travel experience! I have to be honest with you; I never imagined that I will be invited into this kind of event, but lo and behold, I did. Of course, that's only possible with the grace from above, and to somehow share that blessing to you, friends, let me document our experience in Vigan by first starting with this post about Metro Vigan Inn.

About the Road Trip to Vigan
This two-day trip was prepared and organized by the management of Metro Vigan Inn, with the purpose of showcasing the newly opened in-house cafe called Metro Vigan Cafe and its line up of Asian Ilocandia Cuisine. We'll get to that on my succeeding blog posts, but for now we will focus on the budget-traveler's hotel.

Metro Vigan Inn Hotel
Metro Vigan Inn in Bayubay Norte, just a few meters away from the heart of Vigan
About Metro Vigan Inn
Located right beside the heart of Vigan, Metro Vigan Inn is a budget friendly hotel perfect for backpacking travelers and both local & foreign tourists! The inn houses, as they claim it, spacious and well-resourced twenty one (21) room accommodations.

Back view of the Metro Vigan Inn Budget Hotel
Back view of the Metro Vigan Inn Budget Hotel
Published Rates of the Metro Vigan Inn
Room Type
1 Double Size Bed good for 2 pax
Php 1,300
1 Double Size Bed good for 2 pax
Php 1,500
2 Single Size Bed good for 2 pax
Php 1,500
3 Single Size Bed good for 3 pax
Php 1,900
2 Full Size Bed good for 2-4 pax
Php 1,700 for 2 pax
+250 per additional person
3 Double Deck good for 6pax
Php 600 per person

  • All rooms are inclusive of complimentary breakfast
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice
  • Rates are based on the minimum capacity per room, and extra bed/person/breakfast charge will apply.
  • Peak season surcharge applies
  • Complimentary accommodation for 2 children aged 10 years and below sharing a bed with parents/adult.
  • Standard check-in time is 2:00 pm, and check out time is 12:00 nn
  • Fully Air-conditioned rooms
  • Private Toilets and Bath (except for the Backpackers Room)
  • 24-Hour Running Hot and Cold Water
  • LED Cable TV (slightly larger than the size of a regular desktop monitor)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet Connection (decent but not that remarkably fast)
  • Wide and secured parking space
Metro Vigan Inn Budget Hotel Pond
The nice small pond found inside the inn, of course, with fish swimming around!
Alright, now that you already know quite a number of things about Metro Vigan Inn, let's start exploring the rooms!

The first one will be the Standard Double (Php 1,300) or the Garage Room (good for those traveling with their private cars):
The Garage Room of Metro Vigan Inn
The Garage Room of Metro Vigan Inn
Yeah, I know what you are thinking, and partly you are right. Metro Vigan Inn saw the potential and tehn purchased this property when it was still "what you have in mind". Afterwards, the management started renovating the place, and establishing a new brand.

Fortunately, the management was indeed successful in that feat because I find the Garage room more than decent with a tone of vibrance!
Inside the Garage Room of Metro Vigan Inn
Inside the Garage Room of the Budget-Friendly Hotel
Now, let's take the stairs and visit all the other remaining rooms.

Metro Vigan Inn 's 2nd floor
Metro Vigan Inn 's 2nd floor houses the Standard, Superior and Deluxe rooms
Superior Triple || P1900
Metro Vigan Inn's Superior Triple Room
Metro Vigan Inn's Superior Triple Room
Note: This is the room assigned to me and my new blogger friend Arem of Geejay Travel Log.

Upon entering the room, I was pleased with the sight! Right there and then, I knew that I will have a comfy and great stay here in this inn! And I was right!

As you may notice, the room exudes an air of neatness and comfort. The beds look inviting enough, and were given effort to really have that very welcoming appearance. Frankly, I never had any problems with the bed, and in fact I had one of the best sleeps here for this year (although fatigue and exhaustion were partly the culprits).

Metro Vigan Inn Bathroom
The bathroom of the Superior Triple Room
The bathroom wasn't much of an appeal to me (especially that I'm really big fan of amazing bathrooms), but it was more than decent enough! It got some hot water for a relaxing shower, and water pressure is really good. Note, however, that only soaps are provided in the rooms, so don't forget to bring your own toiletries.

Deluxe Twin || P1,700
The Deluxe Twin Room of Metro Vigan Inn
The Deluxe Twin Room of Metro Vigan Inn
This room is more visually appealing, and looks cozier than the one we stayed. Hence, this is the room that I suggest you choose.

Superior Twin || P1,500
One of the double rooms of Metro Vigan Inn
One of the double rooms of Metro Vigan Inn
For non-couple travelers, this is good for you!

Superior Double ||  P1,500
The Standard or Superior Double Room of Metro Vigan Inn
The Superior Double Room of the Budget Hotel
I will no longer wonder why this one is called Superior Double and the other one is just Standard. You see the vivid difference too, right? And yes, you only need to pay a few hundreds, P200 to be exact, to upgrade your room to this. Anyway, I suggest this room for couple travelers (or to those comfortable to sleep close with another)!

Backpackers Room || P600 per person
The Backpackers Room of Metro Vigan Inn
The Backpackers Room of Metro Vigan Inn
If you are traveling with a big group, this room will be really ideal for you guys! Each room has 3 double deck beds. Do the math, and you'll get max of 6 people in the room. I'll tell you it's really cozy and comfy, you wouldn't feel like you are just paying P600 for it!

Metro Vigan Inn's Backpackers Room
A closer view of the very-inviting beds of the Backpackers Room!
As indicated on the rates above, all the rooms included a complimentary breakfast in the Metro Vigan Cafe! Hence, the price will really be worth it!

I'll be posting here in this blog what you can find here in this cafe, and my-my you will really love the food here!
The in-house cafe/restaurant of Metro Vigan Inn
The in-house cafe/restaurant of Metro Vigan Inn
Check out my separate post on the Metro Vigan Cafe here: Metro Vigan Cafe - An Ilocandia Experience

Metro Vigan Inn - Ratings 
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. Of course the ratings are relative and takes into consideration the category of the hotel.
Category: Budget Hotel
Style and Interior ★★
Bed (Comfort) ★★
Bathroom ★★
Affordability ★★
Budget needed: at least P600 per person per night

What do you think of the place?

There you go! I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour in this humble budget hotel near Vigan. To date, this is the most decent (that maximizes the value of your money) budget hotel I've been to, although I haven't been to a lot yet! Hence, definitely, I urge you to consider this among your top choices for places to stay near Vigan!

Footnote: We were invited to check out the place; hence, our stay was compliments of the management. Although this is the case, I've evaluated the hotel as objective as possible.

This blog post is part of my Vigan Travel and Food Guide (read more), so you may want to check it out as well.

Metro Vigan Inn
Location: Bayubay Norte, San Vicente, Ilocus Sur
Contact Nos.: (077) 674-0448 or (+63917) 824-3800

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  1. Awesome hotel! I will take note of this should I plan on going to Vigan. :)

  2. Thanks Michy! Yup, my brother went there before me, and he said he loved the Ilocano hospitality in Metro Vigan Inn. :)

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    As always, nice blog post btw! :)

  4. Arem! You're welcome! Hope to see you again, haha! Thanks pala, and I know you'll come up with an awesome post too! :))

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