Affordable Timed-Buffet in Genji-M Restaurant for Makati Yuppies

Genji-M's Timed-Buffet for Unlimited Sushi
Hello there foodie yuppies of Makati! Here's something that may spark up your foodie world, without even breaking your budget too much! Well, Genji-M just recently launched its first-ever Ready Set Go Lunch Promotion which also another fancy term for "Timed Buffet".

What's all about this "Timed Buffet"?
Since most of the yuppies out there are on really on the go (considering the limited lunch time provided), the Unlimited Sushi Buffet may not be that ideal and "sulit" for them. Hence, to address this, Genji-M rolled out an exciting "Timed Buffet".

To read more about the Un-timed Unlimited Sushi and Rolls as well as the Unlimited Sashimi, check out this prior blog post: Unlimited Sushi Buffet for only P499 in Genji-M

The Timed Buffet includes the following
6 Main Dishes (which changes daily) || Salad || Rolls an Maki || One Glass of Iced Tea or House Tea || Miso Soup

Available from Monday to Thursday (11:30 AM to 2:00 PM)

20 minutes for P120 per person
40 minutes for P200 per person
60 minutes for P240 per person

10 minutes extension for P50 per person

Here's a sample of the dishes found in the Buffet Table for the Ready Set Go Lunch Promotion:

The Unlimited Salad that you may have in Genji-M's Timed Buffet
The Unlimited Salad that you may have in Genji-M's Timed Buffet
Most of the dishes available are of Korean Cuisine. Hence, you may need to take note of that one.

And here are some of the rolls and maki that may be served during the Timed-Buffet. The selection depends upon the day, so let Genji-M surprise you!

Important Note: The dishes available during the Timed-Buffet is also available for those who will avail of the Unlimited Promos! Hence, you no longer need to wait long before your next set of sushi and/or sashimi arrives! You may now indulge yourselves with other Korean dishes!

Sample Rolls and Maki of Genji-M that can be served on the Timed-Buffet
Sample Rolls and Maki of Genji-M that can be served on the Timed-Buffet
If in case you have a lot of spare time during lunch, or you want to visit during dinner time, then I suggest you try the Unlimited Sushi and Rolls! There are printable vouchers in the Facebook Page of Genji-M that provide you discount up to P250!

Check out my separate blog post about what you can expect with the Unlimited Buffet here: Genji-M's Unlimited Sushi and Sashimi 
Genji-M Unlimited Sushi and Rolls at P499
Sample of the Sushi for the Unlimited Sushi and Rolls at P499
Okay, in order to motivate you to go try the Unlimited Sushi and Rolls + Sashimi, Genji-M is bringing back the P250 Coupons!

Genji-M P250 Printable Discount Coupon
Genji-M P250 Printable Discount Coupon
Just print this up, and you are good to go! However, please take note that Genji-M is accepting this coupon strictly for CASH transactions.

The Issue on "Slow Service"
Okay, as you may have read somewhere on Genji-M's Facebook page or other review sites, there was an issue about the bad service (as they claim it). However, management of Genji-M wants to clarify that slow service is different from bad service, and the reason behind being not that fast is because all the food are all-nature and fresh that requires some time for preparation. 

The good news is, after the sudden influx of customers a few months back, Genji-M has started adapting and adjusting to the situation. This can be evidenced by the improvement of management, change of head chef and some system changes.

Ala Carte Dishes

If in case you are not a heavy eater, why not check out some of these ala carte dishes you may order here in Genji-M?

Seafood Fried Rice || P100
Seafood Fried Rice of Genji-M
Seafood Fried Rice for Ala Carte Delights
Chicken Yakitori || P120 for 3 Sticks
The mildly sweet Chicken Yakitori of Genji-M
The mildly sweet Chicken Yakitori of Genji-M
This Chicken Yakitori will appeal to those who don't like a lot of sauce on the chicken. The way it is cooked enables you to focus on the simple taste of grilled chicken. Of course, the light drizzles of the sauce adds some subtle sweetness to it.

Prawn Teppanyaki || P450
Prawn Teppanyaki - a vegetable dish!
Hmmmm, I wasn't able to give this I try because I was minding all the other dishes as well as the Sushi and Sashimi of Genji-M. Hence, what I can comment on is the price perhaps (which is considerably expensive).

Korean Bulgogi
The Korean Bulgogi of Genji-M in Makati City
The Korean Bulgogi of Genji-M in Makati City
This Korean Bulgogi had a very sweet and savory flavor to it that is highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth (i.e. those who appreciate sweet dishes). Upon serving, you may need to continuously stir or turn the beef around to avoid overcooking.

Pork Tonkatsu || P250
The Pork Tonkatsu of Genji-M Japanese and Korean Restaurant
The Pork Tonkatsu of Genji-M Japanese and Korean Restaurant
This Pork Tonkatsu, although not very much visually enticing, had a crunchy breading enveloping a relatively thin slice of pork. I wasn't impressed by this dish, but I was not disappointed as well. It was just a little bit in-between.

Ebi Tempura|| P300 for 5 pieces
The crunchy Ebi Tempura of Genji-M
The crunchy Ebi Tempura for a Japanese indulgence
The Ebi Tempura was great in terms of the frying and the taste! Plus, the sauce that came with it just brought out more goodness to the dish.

Samgyupsal (Pork Belly) || P350 for 200g
Samgyupsal of Genji-M - simple and light!
Although it may be considered bland for others, this Samgyupsal has a light taste letting you focus on the flavor of the pork belly itself. Noticeably, Genji-M uses thicker cuts of pork belly for this dish.

Genj-M Ala Carte Menu and Delivery Menu

Great news! You can now enjoy Genji-M at home as well with the new Delivery Menu! Hence, if you are planning an awesome Japanese-inspired dinner or party, you may want to involve Genji-M! Click on the photo to enlarge.

Genji-M Ala Carte Menu and PricesGenji-M Ala Carte Menu and Prices 2Genji-M Delivery Menu and PricesGenji-M Delivery Menu and Prices 2

There you go! I hope you found this blog post useful and interesting! Feel free to share a piece of your mind by giving this restaurant a rating and/or commenting below!

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Genji-M Restaurant
Location: Kalayaan & Makati Ave. Next to St. Giles Hotel (in front of Metrobank)
Contact No.: (02) 804-2883

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 11:00 AM – 10 PM
Saturday and Sunday 11:30 AM – 10 PM

Service Charge: 10%

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