Eat-All-You-Can Vikings Buffet in SM Megamall

The spacious and sleek interior of Vikings in SM Megamall
The spacious and sleek interior of Vikings in SM Megamall
Vikings Restaurant claims itself to be the largest buffet place here in the Philippines, and fortunately I was given the opportunity to try it out.

Well, I know Vikings already rings a bell (loud and clear) to most of us, because it became quite famous after opening up in SM Mall of Asia. Consequently, the rise of the Vikings (and other competitors) led to the emergence of the "buffet era" wherein people got crazy about anything unlimited.

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SM Megamall Branch of Vikings Buffet
Vibrant colors popping out with this view of the dining tables and chairs in Vikings
Admittedly, I haven't tried dining in Vikings despite it being hyped up years ago, but that was until last week when I finally got to (albeit in a newly opened branch in SM Megamall). Hence, here I am sharing my spectacular experience here in this restaurant, but before I begin let us go through first the buffet rates.

Vikings Buffet Rates/Prices - SM Megamall Branch

Weekday Lunch
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P188
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P388
Adults || P688

Weekday Dinner
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P288
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P588
Adults || P888

Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P388
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P688
Adults || P1,088 P888 (as of June 2014)
Kids below 3 feet are FREE of charge!

SEPTEMBER 2014 Highlight - Mooncakes!

For all the weekends of September 2014, Vikings in SM Megamall will be serving additional incredible dishes particularly mooncakes! To have an idea of what to look out for, check out this blog feature: Celebrating Mooncake Festival in Vikings.

Wine Bottles in Vikings SM Megamall
Creative designs are to be found around the restaurant
Something about the Interior
What I adore about this particular branch of Vikings in SM Megamall is the bright outlook of the interior together with the subtle artistic designs found around the place. The mix of colors of the interior and the dining tables & chairs just brings out a relaxing ambiance that heightens the pleasure of unlimited dining!

The Appetizers

We shall now begin with the appetizers to start out the feast! But wait, you'll need to note that I'll let the photos speak more than I do, so be ready for a lot of pictures!
The bread selection in Vikings SM Megamall
The bread selection in Vikings SM Megamall
I think this one is fundamental to all complete buffet restaurants, but I usually skip this portion because eating bread makes me immediately feel bloated. Anyway, they (staff of Vikings) freshly bake the breads here.

Ooh, check out this cheesy part (literally).
Cheese Selections in Vikings SM Megamall
The cheese collection in Vikings - with at least 9 varieties
As you can notice, they are at least 9 varieties of cheese here in Vikings that may go well with your choice of bread.

There are also alternative veggie appetizers available on the buffet table such as this one.
Wonderfully prepared veggie appetizer in Vikings
Wonderfully prepared veggie appetizer
If you want to go with the typical salad, by all means, indulge yourself, especially that you have 9 dressings to choose from: Japanese Roasted Sesame, Honey Mustard, Sesame Vinaigrette, Creamy Balsamic, Vikings Island, Orange Vinaigrette, Classic Ceasar, Ranch and Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

Salad Dressings in Vikings Buffet
9 salad dressings to choose from for your salad
Now, if you are not into leafy vegetables, why don't you help yourself out with other savory appetizers ranging from mousse to firecracker roll to gamja jeon (Korean Pancake) to Kwarigochi Bokkeum (deep fried anchovies with corn syrup and sesame).

The collection of appetizers in Vikings Buffet
The collection of appetizers in Vikings Buffet
Art in Simple Dishes in Vikings
The art in simple dishes like this simply tells us how passionate the chefs are

The Japanese Cuisine Selections

Let's now head on to the Japanese cuisine section of Vikings (which is indeed one of my most loved sections).
Colorful and tasty sushi of Vikings
Colorful and tasty sushi of Vikings
There is a wide variety of sushi and rolls in Vikings, and the photo shows only a few of it. The quality was not at the ultimate prime level, but the sushis were all fantastic and great!

Here are more from the sushi collection:
Tamago Sushi and Kani Sushi - some of your Japanese favorites in Vikings
Tamago Sushi and Kani Sushi - some of your Japanese favorites in Vikings
If you happen to love raw fish (e.g. tuna, sushi and the like) to go with rice, then you will love these sushis!
Tuna sushi, Saba Sushi and Salmon Sushi of Vikings
Tuna sushi, Saba Sushi and Salmon Sushi
Now, if you are not in the mood to have rice with the raw fish, then go for the sashimis!
Tuna and Salmon Sashimi in the Japanese Cuisine Selection of Vikings
Tuna and Salmon Sashimi in the Japanese Cuisine Selection
What I can note of the sashimis is the fresh quality present in them. I just love the texture and "cold temperature" of these raw stuff.

Veggie, kani and mango wrapped in nori seaweed in Vikings
Veggie, kani and mango wrapped in nori seaweed! 
It's usually rare to find a Chawanmushi in any buffet restaurants, and I felt so euphoric to find it here in Vikings.
Chawanmushi - yummy egg custard dish in a cup!
This incredibly melt in your mouth egg custard dish was definitely great leaving you in a dreamy state. Now, if you think the surprise is over, you are wrong! Name another buffet place that offers ramen.

Well, okay, you may have something in mind, but in my case, it was a first time here in Vikings.

Ramen in Vikings SM Megamall
Chashu Ramen, Beef Sukiyaki and Chashu Ramen with Black Noodles
Okay, here's how it looks like when cooked:
The Chasu Ramen in Vikings - a really good offer!
I chose the one with black noodles, and it was uber awesome! I mean, it wasn't way-over-the-top great compared with the authentic noodles houses, but this one was really savory and contains a lot of reinforcing flavors! It was leaning more towards being salty, but I found it just perfect for the entire flavor.

Shrimp Tempura with really tender shrimp inside - Vikings
Shrimp Tempura with really tender shrimp inside
I enjoyed the tempura, although it could have been crunchier. What I particularly found noteworthy was the tempura sauce. It just brought out the exciting flavors from the tempura.

Fish and Chicken Katsu in Vikings
Fish and Chicken Katsu to those who are craving for something fried

The Chinese Cuisine 

Before I go on, let me remind you that those that I feature in this blog post are not the only ones available in Vikings. In my own estimate, I was able to cover less than 45% of the entire offering in this fantastic buffet place.
The Shrimp Hakaw of Vikings in SM Megamall
The shrimp hakaw under the Chinese cuisine area
I enjoyed the Shrimp Hakaw because of the flavorful shrimp that is wrapped delicately by the wrapper.

Steamed Pork Siomai of Vikings
Steamed Pork Siomai for your Chinese Dimsum Cravings
Chicken Feet in Sweet and Smokey Sauce
If you want to try something different, then go for this Chicken Feet dish! I skipped this one because I am not exactly fond of chicken feet.

The simple yet sweet Pork Asado of Vikings
The simple yet sweet Pork Asado of Vikings
Of course, your Chinese Cuisine will not also be complete without having the pork asado. This one is just right in terms of its sweetness and tenderness.

Roast Duck in Vikings Buffet
The Hoisin-flavored Roast Duck that you shouldn't miss
If there's something you shouldn't miss out in the Chinese section of the buffet, it is this dish! You will love how the hoisin sauce brings out the goodness in the taste of the duck's meat.

In case you want to have something on the healthier side, here's something for you!
Make Your Own Shabu-Shabu in Vikings Buffet (SM Megamall Branch)

The Italian Cuisine Selections

One of the fascinating things I learned about this Vikings in SM Megamall is the fact that it makes its own in-house fresh pasta.
Pasta Maker in Vikings Buffet - SM Megamall
Interestingly, Vikings in SM Megamall makes its own pasta
Here are the finished products:
Freshly made pasta in Vikings Buffet
Freshly made pasta in Vikings Buffet
For your pasta cravings, Vikings offer a more flexible option for you by making you customize one. You have control over the base pasta (e.g. penne, black noodles, macaroni and etc.), the sauce and the ingredients that will go with them.

But if you are lazy to customize, there's this one unique pasta that will really rock your taste buds! It's no other than the Cheese Truffle Penne Pasta!
Cheese Truffle Penne - bursting with flavors that is so potent!
The flavor of the trufle was really present, and since my taste buds are not trained for something this wonderfully potent, I needed to adjust. You will definitely find this surprising, so it's definitely a must try!

Although there are ready-made pizzas available (such as the two photos below), you can also make your own pasta. This is Vikings way of making this more personal!
Pizza in Vikings Buffet in SM Megamall
Supreme style pizza ready for you to consume!
Carbonara Pizza in Vikings
Carbonara Pizza - white sauce and bacon
Make Your Own Pizza in Vikings Buffet
Make your own pizza - another great feature of the Vikings Buffet
The Roasted Meat Selection

Although I wasn't able to try everything (since there were a lot to choose from), I got amazed by their flavor and tenderness, based on sampling (i.e. those that I was able to try). The only exception was the lamb which I found slightly tendon-y, if such word exist, but perhaps I just got the not-so-good part.
Vikings Boneless Lechon
Vikings Boneless Lechon
You really have to bid goodbye to your diet or never-to-eat-anything-fatty-for-health-reasons promise with all the available roast varieties, especially this boneless lechon!

Bourbon Glazed Ham of Vikings
Bourbon Glazed Ham of Vikings
Deep Fried Cajun Turkey - Vikings
Deep Fried Cajun Turkey - for those who really love fried!
Anchovy and Rosemary Baked Leg of Lamb - Vikings
Anchovy and Rosemary Baked Leg of Lamb
I fell in love with the Angus Chuck Eye Roll although I found it slightly saltier than what I can tolerate. It was just peppery and tender, that I couldn't get enough of it!
Angus Chuck Eye Roll

Grilling Station and Seafood
Fresh Fish for Grilling in Vikings
Fresh fish for grilling - choose from the semi-wide selection!
If you are on a no-meat diet, then Vikings is still a good place for you! You have a lot to choose from! Check out some more of these grillable fish!
Grillable tuna and more in the seafood area of Vikings
Grillable tuna and more in the seafood area of Vikings
Did I mention that there's a wide selection of seafood in Vikings (SM Megamall)? Well, can you believe that they also offer crabs for grilling? Now, that's something!
Crabs for Grilling in Vikings SM Megamall
Crabs for grilling - it's definitely a seafood galore!
Now, here are some grilled meat - kebabs and sausages!
Grilled Kebab and Sausages in Vikings
Grilled Kebab and Sausages
Baked scallops with potato in an awesome looking shell
Baked oyster is one of my favorites in terms of seafood, so I was really waiting for this to be replenished. Yup, it gets consumed so fast that each time I try to drop by, there's none of it. Good thing my sister got one for me.

Fantastic baked oyster in Vikings Buffet
Fantastic baked oyster in Vikings Buffet

Beverages Collection

Another thing that I learned that I found extremely delightful and fascinating is the availability of a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of drinks, comparing it with other buffets. Of course you may find there the traditional iced tea, but you'll also enjoy the tea-infused drinks.
Wide collection of beverages in Vikings Restaurant
Wide collection of beverages in Vikings Restaurant
There are also basic teas, beer and milo-shake! I was just wowed by the fact that the collection both caters to the young and the old.
Draft Beer is available in Vikings - SM Megamall Twinings Iced Tea with Apple Cinnamon in Vikings

The Desserts Haven

Alright, we are down to the last part (finally!), and its my most favorite part! Unfortunately, I already got full just before I decided to go for the desserts. This meant that I only had to try a couple of the wide desserts available.
Chocolate Mousse in a Cup in Vikings
Wonderfully presented Chocolate mousse in a small cup
Semifreddo Desserts in Vikings SM Megamall
Semifreddo - Creamy chocolate with crushed pistachio inside an adorable container
Chocolate cake drizzled with caramel syrup in Vikings
Chocolate cake drizzled with caramel syrup
You'll definitely feel like a child lost in a candy store here in Vikings with all the available desserts you can choose from!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Desserts in Vikings
Chocolate Peanut Butter Desserts
Now, this one is a little heart breaker, I mean I am a self-confessed chocolate lover, and I know the feeling of "death by chocolate", but I somehow didn't find it here in this "Death by Chocolate". Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it, but not the way I imagined it to be.
Death by Chocolate Cake in Vikings Buffet
Death by Chocolate Cake in Vikings Buffet
Choco Rum Balls
Choco Rum Balls for those who want to have something out of the usual
Vikings done it again, and surprised me once more! Only here in Vikings did I find a Frozen Yogurt machine serving froyo! I think this is one of the reasons why I needed to dethrone my previously most-favorite buffet place, and give the crown to Vikings.

Frozen Yogurt and Flavored Snow Ice - Only in Vikings!
Frozen Yogurt and Flavored Snow Ice - Only in Vikings!
Frozen Yogurt in a Buffet Place - Vikings
My froyo that I personally dispensed out of the machine

Filipino Desserts
If you are just patriotic even in desserts, then you have still a number of options to choose from. Vikings serve in-house made puto bumbong!
Filipino Favorite - Puto Bumbong with Gata in Vikings
Filipino Favorite - Puto Bumbong with Gata
Making a Puto Bumbong via a Machine in Vikings
The staff of Vikings making the puto bumbong
My personal favorite Filipino dessert is the Bibingka, and luckily it is available here in Vikings.
Filipino Delicacy - Bibingka in Vikings
Freshly served Bibingka - another Filipino favorite 

Maja Blanca Filipino Dessert with Cheese
Maja Blanca - sweet sticky rice dessert with cheese on top
If you haven't explored much of Filipino desserts, now is the time to do so! Try out both the maja blanca and the sapin-sapin.
Filipino Sticky Rice Dessert called Sapin-Sapin
Filipino Sticky Rice Dessert called Sapin-Sapin
Basically, that's all about my Vikings experience! Anyway, I decided to summarize the important highlights below.

If you are the type of person who gets bored reading a long post, let me just share with you what I think the highlights are in this Vikings Branch in SM Megamall.
  • Wide desserts selection - aside from our traditional Filipino favorites, there are quite a number of choices to indulge in!
  • Wide drinks selection - yup, the price is already inclusive of drinks here in buffet, and you will love how freely you can choose from the wide selection (includes tea, beer, coffee, juice, milo freezers, tea infused drinks and much more)
  • Fresh Pasta - you are assured of the freshness of pasta in Vikings because they are the ones who make them
  • Availability of Customizable Dishes - monggolian, pasta, pizza, and a whole lot more
  • Large Seating Capacity - Vikings here in SM Megamall can accommodate approximately 500 people!
  • Great Interior - the place is just full of energy and optimism which I really found unique!
  • Happy ambiance with cheerful and lively birthday greeters
  • Basically has a lot of choices from a handful cuisines such as Filipino, American, Japanese, Korean and more! 
My personal favorites: the sushi and salmon, grilled seafood, pasta station, desserts station and the roasted meat.

Vikings Buffet Restaurant - Ratings 
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars.
Place ★★
Taste ★★
Variety ★★
Service ★★
Value for Money ★★

Your rating:

To wrap this seemingly unending blog post, let me note that I now have my new "Most Favorite Buffet Place" dethroning Dusit Thani's Basix. The primary reasons for this shift are the high value of money, large variety and superb food quality (with a very few exceptions) found here in Vikings. With this, I'm urging you to try this out because you do not know what you are missing.

Vikings - A Feast from the Sea
Location: 4th Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Bldg. D, SM Megamall, Julio Vargas cor. EDSA Mandaluyong

Contact No.: (02) 656-3888 / 656-48888 / 656-5888

Service Charge: 5% before VAT

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