Ganjou by Omakase in Torre Lorenzo 2, Taft Avenue

Just last Thursday (March, 27, 2014), I happened to pass by my dear alma matter, and I was surprised to see a lot of changes around. Considering that I was only out for only a few months, I found it fascinating. As I unleashed the foodie within me, I decided to explore the "expanded" food scene around DLSU, until I came across Ganjou by Omakase via an alluring banner (stating that this restaurant was by Omakase).

To easily sum things up, Ganjou by Omakase is a casual Japanese place serving rice bowls, some sushi & rolls and a little of something else. You may check out the menu and prices below.

The Place
The banner I was referring to a while ago just hyped things up pushing my expectations high. Unfortunately, upon entering the place, I felt that I needed to adjust my expectations (which I did). This was because the place wasn't something spectacular as I initially visualized, and with the clashing colors of the interior (rather than the supposedly minimalist and simplistic designs common to a Japanese place), the place didn't feel "right". 

Nevertheless, I still maintained a high expectation which I soon regretted (due to the the slightly apalling quality of food served). 

Gyudon || P135
Gyudon Rice Meal of Ganjou by Omakase
Gyudon Rice Meal of Ganjou by Omakase near De La Salle Univeristy
The Gyudon had some potential in terms of the flavor, but the quality of rice failed to keep up in completing the taste. It was just sad, but don't get me wrong. It didn't taste awful; it just didn't go near my expectations.

Omurice || P75
Omurice of Ganjou by Omakase
The lackluster - Omurice of Ganjou by Omakase
This Omu Rice was almost decent, if not because of, again, the quality of the rice used. What I initially had in mind was an omurice with a smooth and somehow creamy texture, but what I needed to deal with was something slightly rough and plain. Again, it just felt disappointing because it also had a potential.

Menu and Prices - Ganjou by Omakase
Rice Meals and A La Carte Dishes
Menu and Prices 2 - Ganjou by Omakase
Sushi, Sandwiches and Drinks

With this, I was left heartbroken by the unmet expectations here in Ganjou by Omakase. I hope it was just me, but if not, then it's really with the rice and the dishes themselves. Anyway, go try but don't commit the same mistake I did of having high expectations. You may just leave the place not-so-happy.

Ganjou by Omakase
Location: G/F Torre Lorenzo 2, Taft Avenue
Store Hours: 10:00 am to 9:00pm

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