Nachos and Hotdogs in Franks Craft Beers of Resorts World Manila

Disclosure: Before I proceed with the post, let me first state the fact that this is in a way a sponsored post because we got the dishes for free.

The Franks Craft Beers Resorts World Manila
The Franks Craft Beers Counter that reminds me of some American movies
Franks Craft Beers or simply Franks is a new addition to the ever growing restaurants in Resorts World Manila. It feeds on the idea of fusing the ubiquitous hotdog with the all-time Filipino favorites, which you'll find interesting (more of this later)! Luckily, I was given the opportunity to try what Franks can offer! 

Something interesting about Franks:
Aside from the name getting slightly synonymous with hotdogs, which are the primary offerings of the restaurant, Franks was conceptualized the owner to represent various famous people named (or closely named) Frank. This is why you'll find fascinating memorabilia hanged around the walls of Franks Craft Beers.

Frank Zappa Signed Guitar in Franks Craft Beers
The memorabilia displayed around Franks are all about famous people named Franks
Things you should take into account:
  • Franks is located inside the Casino, so dining here requires you to be of legal age (i.e. 21 and above)
  • People with asthma aren't advisable to check out the place, since Resorts World Manila (RWM) isn't a smoke-free place. 
  • You may ride the shuttle to get here (just be a member of RWM)
Interior of Franks Craft Beers with sufficient seating capacity
Interior of Franks Craft Beers with sufficient seating capacity
A little something about the place:
What I can note about the place is that it has this cozy and classic American ambiance, some sort similar to what we can watch in movies. Well, I don't know if that's just me, but anyway, it felt like that. I can imagine myself sipping milkshake in this place (just like Archie and the gang in the Chocklit Shoppe). Wait a minute, this made me wonder, why aren't they offering milkshake?

Enough of the chitchat! Let's eat!  As a brief teaser, here are what you will find in Franks Craft Beers!
The four hotdog/franks variants available in Franks Craft Beers
The four hotdog/franks variants available in Franks Craft Beers
What's common among all the hotdogs?
They all have this soft and delicate texture that kisses the lips as you bite. It was probably because the people behind Franks are the ones making the hotdogs (from the recipe to the one served to you). They keep it fresh daily, so they'll tell you to expect great quality!

Franks Craft Beer
Oooh, the condiments and other ingredients used to craft the hotdogs
Franks Classic Nachos || P158 
Nachos, Chili con Carne, Cheese Sauce, Jalapeno and Sour Cream
Franks Classic Nachos -- Franks Craft Beers
The cheesy classic nachos of Franks get it while it's hot! 
Love at first bite -- this must be it! This Franks Classic Nachos just had everything that I want for nachos. It was definitely oozing with cheese, so every cheese lover will really appreciate it. Plus, it has this wild traitorous kick that will really "creep on you" (quoting the Sous Chef in Franks). If you're looking for adventure, well, this is an epic one!

French Fries || P78
French Fries in Franks Craft Beers
Ordinary fries that pairs up well with the franks!
I still believe that all french fries are created equal. Care enough to challenge that? Haha!

Potato Wedges || P98
Potato Wedges in Franks Craft Beers
Potato Wedges in Franks Craft Beers
Well, both of the wedges and fries were great and ordinary at the same time. I mean, how do you actually differentiate fries and wedges of restos? Pray tell, I'm begging you.

Franks Wings || P188 (6 pieces) || P338 (12 pieces) || P458 (18 pieces)
The not-so-spicy-but-great Franks Wings - Franks Crafts Beer
The not-so-spicy-but-great Franks Wings
I just love the Franks Wings because they just had the right amount of kick (which I assume isn't enough for some, especially the chili-seekers). In another aspect, the wings had this salty and zesty flavor, which combined pretty well.

PS: The nachos were spicier.

And noooow, for the main event - the hotdogs!

Chicken Inasal Hotdog || P148
Chicken Inasal Hotdog of Franks Craft Beers
Chicken Inasal Hotdog with its smokey flavor!
First one up - the Chicken Inasal Hotdog! I got fascinated by the fact that it is possible to put the flavor of chicken inasal in a hotdog. Although it didn't taste exactly like a chicken grilled in Inasal way, it got this sweet smokey flavor that was playful in the mouth. The overall taste was just light, which I found appealing.

Braised Beef Hotdog || P148
Braised Beef Hotdog of Franks Craft Beers
The somehow-ordinary-but-beef hotdog of Franks Crafts Beer
The Braised Beef Hotdog tasted, uhmmm, beef. There wasn't much extraordinary about this, well aside from the texture as I mentioned earlier.

Classic Franks (Customizable) || P128
The classic franks that made Franks Craft Beer famous
The classic franks that made Franks Craft Beer famous
The only hotdog subject to customization requests is this Classic Franks. So, go unleash your creativity onto this one. I'm sure you'll love the hotdog itself. 

Chicken Pork Adobo Hotdog || P148
Unique Pork Adobo Hotdog of Franks Craft Beer
A dash of Filipino-Spanish culture in this Pork Adobo Hotdog
Hola! This was really something attention grabbing! Who would believe that you can actually make a hotdog taste like an adobo? You will be left with awe because it will remind you of the typical Filipino Adobo!

Trivia: It's difficult to come up with an adobo hotdog because of the vinegar content. It simply breaks the thin container wrapping the hotdogs. Hence, this really deserves attention.

Banana Fritters served with Whipped Cream
Banana Fritters of Franks Craft Beers
A semi-crunchy layer with mushy banana inside plus whipped cream on the side
Finally, the dessert - Banana Fritters. Hey, don't mistaken this for a turon. It's completely different. Anyway, I failed to fully appreciate this dessert probably because I was too full, but it was really unique. I mean, it was my first time to have something like this. The outer coating or the bater was semi-crunchy (as a result of frying) while the inside was something mushy. Well, what I liked about this was the chocolate syrup - it was thick, semi-sweet and heavenly!

Franks - In a Nutshell
Well, I must be honest here; I really got fascinated by the fusing of Filipino favorites with hotdogs. Plus, the nachos really deserved a lot of adoration. It was pure bliss. I'm still undecided about the dessert, though, but overall I would say that it will be nice to at least try this place out.

Franks Craft Beers
Location: Casino (near the membership area), Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay City

Store Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 am (daily)

Hotline: (02) 908-8833 (Tourist/Visitor Hotline)

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