SAVORY Chicken and Yang Chao for Only P125 || Earnshaw St. Sampaloc, Manila

Savory Branch near UST along Earnshaw Street, Sampaloc, Manila
Savory Branch near UST along Earnshaw Street, Sampaloc, Manila

If you are looking for something almost Chinese near UST in Espana, well Savory may just be the right restaurant for you! This branch is located in Earnshaw St. which is the same street where you can find Toto's Eatery.

Anyway, what I noticed about this Savory branch is the same antiquated feel I sensed in Nitz Restaurant along Padre Noval St., but I guess this one was more intense. It gave me an uneasy feeling that made me doubt about the cleanliness of the place (although there was no apparent evidence to give proof to that).

Savory - The Food
Since we were in a Tipid mode (just like most students are), the group decided to just order a whole chicken together with a Yang Chao fried rice, and divide them equally among ourselves. In this way, we saved more, as opposed to having each of us order the Combo Meal 1 at P145 which just includes 1/4 chicken, plain rice and egg.

Savory Whole Chicken || P340

Savory Whole Chicken
Savory Whole Chicken has this unique taste you won't easily find elsewhere!

Savory Fried Chicken has this unique flavor that you won't easily find elsewhere. There was something about the marinate that made the chicken taste the way it tasted. Since I found the uniqueness complicated, it is difficult for me to describe the particulars of the taste. All I know is that I found it semi-juicy, tasty and good!

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Yang Chao (good for 3-4) || P150
The famous Yang Chao fried - Savory Edition!
The famous Yang Chao fried - Savory Edition!

The Yang Chao fried rice appeared convincing to munch on, and for the price, it seemed like a great bargain, (which was the case to some extent). Honesty compels me to say that it wasn't very tasty as it seemed; however, I wouldn't deny that I still enjoyed it. Plus, the presence of generous amount of shrimps made me feel happy about this Yang Chao.

Budget Tip:
I know how it feels to be tight in the budget and bored from the usual food choices around, at the same time. Hence, here's a simple tip on how to dine here just spending around P125 each for a share in chicken (more or less 1/4) and Yang Chao Fried rice (more or less 1 cup).

  • Your group should compose of people with a number divisible by 4 (for hassle-free division of the viand and rice)
  • Order 1 whole chicken and 1 yang chao for each of the group (consisting of 4 people)
  • The total cost will be at P490. If you divide this by 4 you'll get P122.50 or let's just say P125

Taste ★★★
Place ★★☆ 
Price ★★★★ 
Service ★★☆

Savory Experience in a Nutshell
Although the food tasted above yet near satisfactory, my overall experience wasn't so amazing probably because of my displeasure with the appearance of the place. Other than this, I think this Savory branch is decent and worth some frequent visits! Plus, it can help in deviating a little from the usual offerings around UST-España Area.

Savory Restaurant
Earnshaw St.
Sampaloc, Manila

Combo Meals and Prices:
Savory Chicken Combo Meals for Students

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