7 Reasons to Eat in Burgers and Brewskies, BGC

Burgers and Brewskies - the Beer Bottle Chandelier!
Burgers and Brewskies - the Beer Bottle Chandelier!

Located in the food-trip-opportunity-filled Burgos Circle, Burgers and Brewskies can be an ideal place for barkada nights and simple get-together. Aside from providing a cozy and conversation-inducing ambiance, this burger & bar offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages that will go well with the signature burgers! Here in this blog post, I will provide you 7 reasons why you should check this place out!

After getting a quick scan of the Burgos Circle, I realized that Burgers and Brewskies is one of the good places to meet up with your friends to catch up as you down some of alcoholic beverages. In short, the place is ideal for simple get-together which purpose is mainly to chat and talk about whatever you want to talk about! 

This is no biggie, but you'll get to see the Beer Bottle Chandelier of Burgers and Brewskies. This novelty somehow reminded me of Exile on Main St. on Taft Avenue, which by the way offers tasty savory chicken wings at only P120 for 6 pieces!

Burgers and Brewskies - The Place
Burgers and Brewskies interior is not half as bad. Although it has this dark and dreary undertones, they just go well with the overall theme.

2nd Floor Interior of the Burgers and Brewskies in Burgos Circle
2nd Floor Interior of the Burgers and Brewskies in Burgos Circle
Note: It may take a while before the seats free up, so make sure you come in early (as an allowance for waiting time) or book a reservation (although I'm not sure whether or not they are allowing this).

The Sesame Sriracha Wings || 195
Sriracha Hot Sauce infused with a touch of honey and sesame
Burger and Brewskies' Sesame Sriracha Wings!
Burger and Brewskies' Sesame Sriracha Wings!
What I practically loved about this chicken wing dish was the play of flavors that really stirs up the taste buds. Honestly, it tasted like a buffalo chicken, but this one was lighter on the spicy side, and heavier on the tastiness itself.

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Burgers and Brewskies is home for 5 different variations of (Buffalo) Chicken Wings - Regular Buffalo, Sesame Sriracha, Zesty BBQ, Sweet Chili and Honey Garlic
Want to feel like a student again? Why not try the Flaming Wings in either Taft or Loyola  

The Burgers

What really impressed me here in Burgers and Brewskies are the prices of the food here. They were honestly affordable relative to the regular prices of food in Taguig (e.g. High Street, Serendra and Burgos circle). Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to make me fall in love with the resto, and the burgers for this matter.

The Kandi Burger || P265
Roasted Garlic Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Onion Confit and Spiced Candied Bacon
The Kandi Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
The Kandi Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
The Kandi Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
Up close: The Kandi Burger bares it all! 
Although I was only able to personally try this burger (i.e. The Kandi Burger which was supposedly a Neat Burger, more about this story later), I found the patty's flavor a little off at times - which means that there were portions that tasted distractingly overpowering (I'm thinking maybe the garlic or onions or both did it). Other than this, I found the servings generous and the presentation noteworthy.

I found nothing wrong with the combinations in this burger. In fact, I believe it was a good one. However, as mentioned, the peace was being abruptly broken by the overpowering taste of patty from time to time. Still, this didn't merit a disappointment with the burger - perhaps just a couple of dissatisfaction.

Here are some fries to pair up with the burger!
PoW || P95
Potato Wedges with Spiced Mustard Aioli 
Potato Wedges of Burgers and Brewskies
Ahhhh, fries and burgers are definitely soul mates!

I liked the taste of the fries because it had some skins on it - muh favorite! Plus, the potatoes weren't mushy but rather crispy the way I wanted it to be!

Now, here are some of the burgers my friends had.
The Relish Burger || P225
Spiced Mustard Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Tomato Jam, Basil Garlic Pesto and Picked Onions
The Red-Haired Relish Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
The Red-Haired Relish Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
Relish Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
Now, Relish Burger just loved the camera, it asked for more shots!
Wait, I think I need to try the Relish Burger next time. I just got hungry writing this portion!

The Neat Burger || P180
Roasted Garlic Aioli, B7B Cheese Sauce and Onion Confit
The cheapest burger in Burgers and Brewskies -The Neat Burger
The cheapest burger in Burgers and Brewskies -The Neat Burger
This was what I ordered, but anyway, I think I like how the Kandi Burger looked better.

The Heisenberg Burger || P250
Blue Cheese Sauce and Jicama Celery Slaw with Bacon Vinaigrette
Heisenberg Burger of Burgers and Brewskies
The Unphotogenic Heisenberg Burger 
Uh oh, this didn't look as good as it sounded (by description).

Call the Nurse || P280
Spiced Mustard Aioli, B&B Cheese Sauce, Seared Mac & Cheese and Honey Sriracha Bacon!
The heart-stopping Call the Nurse Burger of Burgers and Brewskies!
The heart-stopping Call the Nurse Burger of Burgers and Brewskies!
My jaw just dropped seeing this beauty, hurry Call the Nurse! Alright, I have to admit, this was definitely the finest and most tantalizing burger I've ever seen! I changed my mind - I think I'll have this for my next visit!

Anyway, even if I didn't get to taste all of them, I can tell they were great (even awesome for some), because judging from the facial expressions of my friends, I believe they quite enjoyed their meals!

There are many burgers to try and all of them ranges from P180-P280 only! 

Brief Story on Order Inaccuracy: I ordered for a Neat Burger, but I was clueless about how it looked, so once "the burger" was served, I immediately ate it. When the bill came, we needed to face some confusions regarding the bill. After some deliberations and rechecking of what we ate, we discovered that there was an inaccuracy of order. Apparently, instead of giving me Neat, the waiter handed over a Kandi Burger. Tsk tsk! Anyway, the service is not that commendable, as well, since they weren't so much "hands-on", but this was tolerable because of the number of customers they were serving.

You may end up with your own story to tell, be it good or bad. Well, hopefully it was the first one, but a few of the latter may do as well.  
Burgers and Brewskies Social Media Accounts
Burgers and Brewskies Social Media Accounts

Burgers and Brewskies - Rating
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars.
Place ★★☆ 
Burgers ★★
Price ★★
Budget: at least P400 for a burger and a beer

Menu and Prices:
Burger Menu and Prices of Burgers and Brewskies

In a nutshell, I found the burgers fine and the price justified. As for the recommendations, well let me just say that you may probably see me again in this place this 2014. Could it be the best burger in town? Probably not, but may be part of the top 10 (wherein I still in the quest finding the rest in the list).

Burgers and Brewskies is a Top 10 Burger material, plus if you get lucky, you may just meet your top 1 in the list here! 

Although I wasn't able to try any of the beverages, I was amazed by the variety they are offering. Hence, if you are not the burger-type of a person, alcoholic beverages may do the trick! 

Burgers and Brewskies #burgersandbrewskies
Burgos Circle, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Contact No.: (02) 384-2942 [from Zomato Website]
Service Charge: 10% of Price

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  1. Surprisingly delicious burgers - not what I expected. This and the massive beer selection make this a really great hang-out place!

    1. Thanks for the comment Troy! Yeah, next time we visit the place, we shall try the beers! :)


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