NITZ Restaurant in Sampaloc, Manila near UST

Seeking for something new to try, we ended up eating in Nitz Restaurant which happened to serve fusion cuisine (but more practically Filipino) and a bunch of canteen-style dishes. While everyone thought it was affordable here, we all ended up unsatisfied.

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Nitz Restaurant - The Place
What I wasn't able to enjoy much about the place was its antiquated look. It didn't seem to be conducive to an enjoyable dining, but rather exuded a "not-so-clean" feel.
Nitz Restaurant in España Blvd cor Padre Noval near UST
Nitz Restaurant in España Blvd cor Padre Noval near UST
As you may notice in the photo below, Nitz Restaurant offers a handful of dishes (and of varying cuisines). Other than this, Nitz also offers canteen-style dishes which change from day-to-day.
Busy staff taking orders and serving the customers!

The Food in Nitz Restaurant
Alright, let's now proceed with some of the snapshots of the food offerings in Nitz Restaurant. Again, you will see below the canteen-style offerings of the resto.
Canteen-style offerings in Nitz Restaurant
Canteen-style offerings in Nitz Restaurant
Now, here are some of the desserts of Nitz varying from sweets to fruits to pastries.
Desserts section of Nitz Restaurant ala Canteen Style
Desserts section of Nitz Restaurant ala Canteen Style
Pichi-Pichi || P9 per piece
Pichi-Pichi of Nitz Restaurant @ P9 per piece
Pichi-Pichi of Nitz Restaurant @ P9 per piece
I was looking for something sweet that time so I ordered 2 pieces of Pichi-Pichi. Unfortunately, they failed to provide enough delight to brighten up my lunch. The Pichi-Pichi lacked the softness and flavor I was looking for. Nevertheless, it was passable for a dessert.

Pork Steak with Rice || P95
Canteen Style Pork Steak with Rice - Nitz Restaurant
Canteen Style Pork Steak with Rice
This is a dish from the Canteen-style offerings. Unexpectedly, this was more expensive than the ones offered on the separate menu (i.e. rice toppings, pasta, pinoy meals and others). There wasn't something special about this steak.

Spicy Beef Rice Toppings || P85
Spicy Beef Rice Bowl of Nitz Restaurant
Spicy Beef Rice Bowl of Nitz Restaurant
Now, here's something a little interesting. The Spicy Beef was indeed spicy without sacrificing the flavors. However, my friend mentioned that the spiciness was too much at some points.

A Taste of Lasagna || P70
Nitz Restaurant's "Special" Lasagna
Nitz Restaurant's "Special" Lasagna
Before we chose to visit the restaurant, I browsed some reviews online, and read something about the pasta (specifically the baked mac and lasagna) being good. Hence, when I entered, I had an order in mind already - the lasagna. With high hopes, I was expecting something noteworthy. Luckily, I didn't get disappointed with the taste, only with the amount of serving. Hence, with that I think it was still worth the try.

Is Nitz Restaurant Recommended? Well, I don't think I will convince you to check the place out; however, I won't discourage if you decide to. However, as a personal note, I don't see myself dining in this place again. I think other restaurants offer more affordable and better dishes.

Nitz Restaurant
1250 P. Noval St., Cor Espana Blvd.
Sampaloc, Manila

Contact No.:
(02) 733-4375
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  1. The next time you visit there, try their katsudon and lomi! I definitely recommend those. Gosh. I miss college days. HAHA!

  2. I guess we had the wrong orders when we visited. Haha! Sige, next time we ended up in Nitz we will definitely try those! Thanks Littlefoxy!


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