Japanese-Inspired Coffees and Dishes in UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace

UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace in Lucky Chinatown Mall
UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace in Lucky Chinatown Mall
I was invited by a Zomato representative, Sarah Buendia, to talk about the said food review site such as suggestions, questions and opportunities over a merienda. Since she gave me the freedom to choose any coffee shops convenient for me, I chose UCC Cafe in Lucky Chinatown Mall. Anyway, here in this blog post, I will share with you two things: (1) something about Zomato and (2) something about the food & drinks we ordered.

Zomato, the growing Food Review Site
Launching in the Philippines 2 years ago, Zomato started as a small blog-website in India that summarizes things to know about restaurants such as menu and prices. Now, it has grown into a bigger website with reach extending to 11 countries. This site evolved into a full-blown food review site containing basic yet relevant information foodies need to know about a resto such as the location, budget, contact number and authentic reviews.

Hmmm, let's cut that for a while, and move first with the drinks of UCC.

UCC Coffee Cooler || P155
UCC Coffee Cooler - Lucky Chinatown Branch
UCC Coffee Cooler by UCC, Lucky Chinatown Branch
This is what Ms. Sarah had, so I don't have any clue how it tasted. Judging how this one looks in the photo, it sure seem nice to give a sip to!

Almond Roca White Choco Cheesecake Cooler || P175
The amazing Almond Roca White Choco Cheesecake Cooler
The amazing Almond Roca White Choco Cheesecake Cooler
This amazing drink was all that I needed to sweeten and brighten up more my day! Nothing beats a dynamic fusion of cake, ice cream and drink to make a single awesome drink!

Note on the straws: Although I appreciated the paper straw used by UCC, I didn't find it very practical, since my straw got all soggy and couldn't function the way it was built. In short, it lost its purpose of enabling me to sip the drink.

Interesting Cheesecake Drink
A closer look of the Almond Roca White Choco Cheesecake Cooler
Wait, I just can't get over this amazing drink! I want you to try this out sometimes because I just loved how the thickness of the drink enhanced the experience!

Going back to the Zomato thing:

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Zomato
I'm currently participating in the site by occasionally providing personal reviews of the places I'd been to. The reviews I include there are different from what you'll find here, because my blog posts are far more extensive.

You may view my profile here: Renz Cheng | A Not-So-Popular Kid

Salmon Spinach Gratin || P399
The special Salmon Spinach Gratin of UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace
The special Salmon Spinach Gratin of UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace
I understand that each branch of UCC has a different set of chefs. I'm saying this because the UCC in Robinsons Ermita usually produces a thicker and cheesier sauce for the gratin, while this one in Lucky Chinatown came up with an almost watery one. And if you'll ask me, I prefer the former because the thicker consistency enables the sauce to fully embrace the pasta delivering a richer taste of spinach and creamy cheese. Despite this, I still found this Salmon Gratin of UCC Coffee (Lucky Chinatown Branch) fantastic in terms of taste.

Generally, I find UCC Coffee's food and beverages expensive, but I think it's somehow worth the premium because of the Japanese-twist in every dish and or cup. As for the Zomato, you may want to visit the review site here: Zomato.com

UCC Coffee Cafe Terrace
Ground Floor, Lucky Chinatown, Binondo, Manila
Contact No.: (02) 708-3983 from Zomato

Service Charge: 10%

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  1. I agree, UCC can be really expensive. I usually just but their instant coffee. hehehe.

    1. This is why Metrobank had a 40% off in UCC, we grabbed the opportunity immediately and tried as many dishes as we could. Too bad I wasn't blogging then. :)


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