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The Best Coconut Water by LIPA FRESH BUKO JUICE

Since this is the season of pigging out, I've gotten the opportunity to try some new stuff - such as this cool drink I just tasted! This special buko juice from Lipa, which is aptly name aas Lipa Buko Juice, was so refreshing that I felt the need to share it with you!

Lipa Fresh Buko Juice || P43.50
LIPA Fresh Buko Juice
LIPA Fresh Buko Juice
There's a bottle version of this (smaller one), but I just can't remember how much is it. Anyway, what really made me fall in love with the drink was the mild sweetness and almost perfect taste of the buko itself. Also, there was no hint of the "metal taste" or the strong bitterlike flavor from the buko. (Or was it just me tasting that one?) All of these qualities made me really appreciate this fantastic and highly-refreshing drink!

Imported Quality - Lipa Fresh Buko Juice
Imported Quality - Lipa Fresh Buko Juice

Today, I met the best Buko Juice I've tasted so far. Well, of course, I still need to remind you that sometimes taste and quality vary per bottle/can. However, I see it as something natural, afterall each buko fruit is different just like humans. Right? Well, just correct me if I'm making myself look like a fool here, unless you want me to continue looking so. #harhar

Available in limited grocery stores. (We bought this one in Cash and Carry)

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