Trixie Gonzales is the "Foodie Friend of the Month" for October 2013

Trixie Gonzales - Foodie Friend of October 2013
Trixie Gonzales - Foodie Friend of October 2013

This October is the pilot month of my Foodie-Friend feature series wherein I'll be featuring my friends or even acquaintances who are foodies/food enthusiasts! However, this is just a 6-month trial launch that will serve as a preparatory stage for something bigger. If I receive good responses and feedback from this I shall open it up to other readers of this blog!

Why did I come up with this "Foodie Friend of the Month"?
Well, I want to boost up the engagement within the blog, so I decided to feature some of the foodie readers of A-Not-So Popular Kid. However, since I am considerably new to this blogging world, I wanted to try it out first with some friends. Basically, what I want to achieve is to extract some witty stories behind each foodie, and of course know more about him/her! 

Anyway, let's start getting to know Trixie Gonzales, our foodie friend of the month! Ready? Yeah, I'm excited too!
Foodie Friend for the Month of October (2013) - Trixie Gonzales!
Foodie Friend for the Month of October (2013) - Trixie Gonzales!
Note: I formatted this in a question-and-answer type, so the ones in bold are the questions, and the ones indented are the answers. 

Share something interesting about you as a student and as a foodie.
To be honest, there’s nothing too much interesting about me as a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy student (BSA). I’m just a normal kid around the campus. But hey! As a foodie? I love food so much that I acquired some additional yet unnecessary weight for more than a year. that it took me some time to learn how to control myself and be who I am today. To give you a a clearer illustration of what I'm talking about, let me share with you this before-and-after photo here. Oh, no judging, please!
Blogger's note: Trixie is currently a 4th year BSA student of De La Salle University. She's currently my review mate!
Trixie Gonzales, Foodie Friend of October 2013- Foodie and Fit
Trixie Gonzales proving that being a foodie does not mean you can't be fit!
Any food-related accomplishments?
Food accomplishments? Hmm. I think I've been to more than restaurants already, and probably nearing 100 already! However, this includes even the small restaurants I've been through (i.e. the not-so-popular ones).
Mostly, I visit the restaurants in Caloocan or somewhere near UST. I keep on finding small restaurants around the place. Best of all - mura (cheap)!. Usually, those are the ones that I and my brother try out. Pondering on this, I think I prefer unknown small restaurants rather than those big yet cliché ones. 
Trixie Gonzales and his brother
Trixie and his brother

How do you personally define eating? 
I believe that eating is also the act of enjoying and appreciating the delicious taste of food more than just the mere act of biting and chewing.
Trixie Gonzales Foodie Friend
Trixie Gonzales - a selfie photo

What is your favorite cuisine and/or dish? Give us a brief story about this. 
I like Chinese cuisine the most and the sweet and sour for the specific dish! The story behind this is not really related to the food taste. It’s just that whenever I eat Chinese food, I remember my brother, who is a great enthusiast of Chinese food, and with just a snap, I am happy. 
Trixie with her Favorite Sweet and Sour
Trixie with her Favorite Sweet and Sour 

When and how did you become a food enthusiast? 
I became a food enthusiast when I was in High School. That was the time when my brother and I became really close. Since he cooked a lot of cuisines, I was assigned as his food taster. After a while, I developed my relationship with food. 

What in particular do you enjoy here in A-Not-So Popular Kid? What blog post did you enjoy the most?
I make it a point to check first the budget portion in every post. So, I guess that is my favorite part here in A-Not-So Popular Kid. 
 I love “Lovely LARCY'S CUPCAKERY in BF Homes, Parañaque” blog post a lot because it coincidentally sums up my first experience in that place. To date, Larcy’s Cupcakery is my favorite cupcake shop and I actually enjoy hanging out there. 

Now, I also asked Trixie to answer 2 random questions among a handful that I prepared, and she chose to answer the following:

Choose: Starve to death or eat until you choke-off and die? Why?
Eat until I choke-off and die. At least, I died happily! (So, we got a happy eater over here!)

Have you ever felt guilty when you eat in buffets? Why so, or why not? 
Every time I eat in buffets, I immediately feel guilty about it. I just don’t want to return to my fatty self anymore, but the food is screaming, “EAT ME!” So, I do… all the time. (Oh, such as bitter sweet tale you have there, Trixie!)

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