TRADER JOE'S Dark Chocolate filled with Speculoos Cookie Butter

Speculoos Cookie Butter and Dark Chocolate
The Cookie Butter Mania - Speculoos and Dark Chocolate

The Cookie Butter Craze

I have to admit that I am very much hooked by this Cookie Butter Mania! A bottle of any cookie butter spread, be it from Trader Joe's (Speculoos) or from Lotus (Biscoff), only lasts for a week here in our home.

Aside from cookie butter, I am also a huge fan of dark chocolates. Now, who would have thought that two of my favorite sweets in the world would join forces to come up with a semi-sweet dessert oozing with delight and filled with memories? I think we have the answer - it's no other than Trader Joe's itself!

Here in this quick post, I will just share with you how I think of the dessert. Ready?

Dark Chocolate with the goodness of Speculoos Cookie Butter!
The special Dark Chocolate with the goodness of Speculoos Cookie Butter!

Enjoying the Flavors?

Although the chocolate-speculoos team-up resulted to a great infusion of flavors, I found nothing so uniquely special about it, aside from the traditional bitter-sweet taste from the chocolate and crunchy and buttery cookie flavor from the speculoos. What I mean is, it was just as I expected it to be - two flavors combined, and that was it! I was hoping for some exciting synergy of flavors, but it didn't happen. To wit, one plus one really equaled two.

Wait, I have a tip for you: Try it semi-melted (i.e. not putting it on the fridge), and the experience will be better as a result of better blending between the cookie butter and the chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with Speculoos: Worth it or not?

One bar of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate costs P95 via the Taste Central website, which neither cheap nor expensive. However, because of the ordinary goodness (but still good), I may not be willing to store a lot of this at home. In fact, I didn't develop any longing for this after all the bars were consumed.

Still, it was definitely worth the try! Hence, if you happen to encounter an opportunity to try this one out, just go ahead! 

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