Instant Katsu Now in Groceries: TOP TORIKATSU by Bounty Fresh

Disclosure: The Top Torikatsu Packs were given for free, so that I could provide a review about it. Hence, this fact might have influenced my judgement, but rest assured that it would have been unintentional. 
Top Torikatsu - Classic and Cheese & Chives
Enjoy Katsu at home with Top Torikatsu
The Katsu Craze
When YABU first opened up here in the Philippines, many of us went crazy about the katsus. We started craving and longing for these fried goodness! 

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Admittedly, I myself tend to experience the cravings every once in a while. Coincidentally, I was contacted by Bounty Fresh requesting me to try out its latest addition to the product line - The Top Torikatsu! The moment I received the package, I got so excited that I asked my sister to cook it for us. In this blog post, I will share with you my honest opinion of the product, which hopefully is free from possible biases.

The Top Torikatsu
Simply put, the Top Torikatsu is a ready-to-be-cooked katsu that enables you to satisfy your Katsu cravings in an instant. One of the good deals this provide is the price, can you believe that one pack costs only P179? And it contains 6 medium-sized white meat katsu bringing the price to almost only P30 a piece.

Right now, they have 3 available flavors: Classic, Cheese & Chives and Tomato. However, I got to try 2 of them only. Anyway, here's how to cook the instant katsu in 2 easy summarized steps:
Preparing the Top Torikatsu at Home
Preparing the Top Torikatsu at Home
However, what you need to note is that the breading sticks to each other leaving some katsu with less, sometimes even bare. So, you need to be extra careful when taking them out of the package, and preparing them for frying.

Note: Do not over-fry because this will affect the quality as well as the taste. Shallow-frying is highly recommended (as instructed on the package).

Now, that it's ready, what's the verdict?

The Classic Torikatsu
The Classic Top Torikatsu by Bounty Fresh
The Finished Product after shallow frying - feel like dining in a restaurant!
Now, I want to keep this simple. The breading was light. The chicken was fresh. The taste was fantastic. The experience was great! Perhaps this positive feedback stemmed from my not-so-high expectation on the product; hence, it was able to surpass it easily.

Anyway, I found the mayonnaise light (yes, the breading had mayonnaise underneath) which was good enough to make the katsu have a not-so-bland taste. Although the taste wasn't that heavenly, it was sufficient to compete with those that we order in restaurants.

Creating Variety
Innovation with Top Torikatsu - Home Made Katsu Salad
Innovation with Top Torikatsu - Home Made Katsu Salad
The Top Torikatsu can also be given as a lunch baon for kids because it is very easy to prepare. For parents who want to provide good food with less preparation, this will be great for you! Well, just be sure to pair it up with scrumptious veggies, so that your kids will fulfill their required serving of greens.

Sharing: My sister used the classic katsu to flavor up her salad. Hence, you may also do the same. And, why not innovate more, and go beyond this?

The Cheese and Chives Torikatsu
Top Torikatsu Cheese and Chives - Instant Katsu!
Top Torikatsu Cheese and Chives - Instant Katsu!
The taste was not far from that of the Classic one, since the cheese on this katsu was just subtle. Even if this was the case, I appreciated it because it added a layer of interesting flavor on the katsu. Anyway, I have a tip for you! Pair your Torikatsu with salad (e.g. shredded cabbage) and the experience will level up!
Note: If you are a katsu and a cheese lover at the same time and want to have more of both, you may want to try Yabu's Mechi Set. In my case, I can already settle for this one.

Top Torikatsu in a Nutshell
Overall, I got my katsu cravings satisfied eating this torikatsu from Bounty Fresh. However, here are the not-so-great things about it that I was able to take note of:
  • The katsu loses some its beauty when it's not eaten immediately, since the breading will start to get soggy and lose its crispiness. (Note: Even if this was the case, I was still able to enjoy the taste).
  • The frozen torikatsu tend to stick to each other that the breading may get messy. 
  • Just like all the other katsus, eating more of it will result to a declining happiness from eating. This is because of the "suya-and-sawa factor"
Nevertheless, despite the things listed above, I will still definitely ask my mom to have a supply of these once in a while. 

Now, why don't you give it a try? Or if you already did, drop some comments and share to us what you think!

Where can you buy Top Torikatsu?

Top Torikatsu is currently available in the following supermarkets:
  • SM Supermarket
  • S&R
  • Landmark Makati
  • Trinoma
  • Unimart
  • Makati Supermarket
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  2. You have a skill in cooking and preparing dishes! :] Cool brader!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Sadly, I wasn't the one who cooked and prepared that one, I asked my sister to do it for us. Don't worry, I'm planning to take some culinary lessons in the future. Haha!

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