The Famous RODIC'S Beef Tapa in Shopping Center, UP

The Home of the Famous Beef Tapa - Rodic's
The Home of the Famous Beef Tapa - Rodic's
Finally, I was able to have my partial tour around University of the Philippines. The last time I've been there was during the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT), and it felt so great having the chance to drop by again after more than 4 years -amazing!

Anyway, since I'm already within the area, I took the opportunity to visit the popular Rodic's Diner - one of those places where you can't be a "true" UP student when you didn't get the chance to dine-in to even just once. Although I'm not from UP, I found it imperative to give the place a visit. After all, you might say that I haven't actually been into UP, when I haven't eaten in Rodic's. *haha*

The Place
Finding the place where this diner is located was a tough battle, lasting almost 15 minutes. If it's your first time in UP, chances are, you will find it difficult to find it. Luckily, the people around are nice and friendly, so we literally "asked" our way to Rodic's.
Rodic's Diner, or simply Rodic's, is located in the Shopping Center of UP. You may also find some stores there selling UP items and merchandise like shirts, hoodies and more! 
Here's something to give you a clue of what to expect of the place:
Rodic's Everyday Special and Sandwiches Menu and Prices
Rodic's Everyday Special and Sandwiches Menu and Prices
As you may see from the 2 photos above, Rodic's is not an inch close toward being fancy. In fact, it is very much casual that it can be mistaken as a "carinderia". Still, this didn't discourage us to try the food out! After all, we shouldn't be judging based on mere appearance alone.

The Food
We were only able to have two varieties from Rodic's, since everyone else wanted to order the Beef Tapa. Anyway, the first one is this pork steak valued at P68:
Note: I forgot the name of this dish, so I am just assuming that this is called a "Pork Steak"
Pork Steak of Rodic's in Shopping Center within the University of the Philippines (UP)
Pork Steak of Rodic's in Shopping Center within the University of the Philippines (UP)
There was nothing special about this dish, and I found it somehow expensive, since you will need to pay more for a separate order of rice. Clearly, this isn't one of those that made Rodic's famous, so now let's proceed with the real deal - the beef tapa!

Famous Beef Tapa w/ Garlic Rice || P80
Famous Beef Tapa of Rodic's Diner
Nothing but the famous Beef Tapa of Rodic's
Although the price is considerably affordable, I expected that it would have been lower (e.g. P75), but since the difference from the price I expected was just P5, I just shrugged it off. With the combination of both high demand and inflation, there was indeed enough reason for Rodic's to resort to the escalation of the price/s. Also, come to think of it, even Sinangag Express needed to increase prices as well.

Moving on, I am in no way awed by the presentation, but now that I'm looking at the photo, I can conclude that Rodic's Beef Tapa is photogenic. Do you agree?

As for the taste, I found Rodic's Beef Tapa tender and tasty! The beef was thinly sliced and shredded making every bite enjoyable. Also, the flavor seemed to seep well into the meat fibers because the taste of the tapa was consistent and distinct! 

Perico's Beef Tapa for Comparison
Perico's Beef Tapa - almost the same goodness with Rodic's
Perico's Beef Tapa - almost the same goodness with Rodic's
As I was enjoying the tapa, I suddenly remembered Perico's own version of Beef Tapa. Both has almost the same goodness, except for the following differences:
  • Tenderness and quality - I sensed that the quality of the Rodic's tapa beef was fantastic; whereas in Perico's you'll have to deal with some litid
  • Garlic - there are garlic bits that enhance the flavor of Perico's Beef Tapa; however, if you are not fond of garlic, you'll definitely prefer Rodic's. 
  • Price - while Rodic's Tapa is only at P80, Perico's Tapa is at P95
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Extra Garlic Rice is at P17 which I believe is quite affordable! Plus, you will love how great the taste of the rice is because ours was truly malasa.

Do I recommend Rodic's Diner? Well, definitely yes, but trying sticking first with the dishes that made it famous such as the Beef Tapa.

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Rodic's Food Express/ Diner
14 Masaya St. UP Village
Quezon City
Contact No.: (02) 436-4389
(details from munchpunch)

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