Bayani Brew: GK Farm's All-Natural All-Filipino Iced Tea

GK Enchanted Farm's Bayani Brew - all natural Iced Tea
GK Enchanted Farm's Bayani Brew - all natural Iced Tea
A Package from Taste Central
My mom is fond of purchasing deals from sites offering vouchers such as Deal Grocer, Ensogo and more. One day, a package came in from Taste Central (part of the network where Deal Grocer belongs) containing various products my mom ordered online, and one of them was this Bayani Brew

Note: Each bottled costed us P36 each via the Taste Central

Gawad Kalinga-Enchanted Farm's Bayani Brew
Bayani Brew traces its origins from the native brews introduced by the nanays (mothers) of the Gawad Kalinga community in the Gawad Kalinga-Enchanted Farm (GK-EF).
GK-EF is mostly home to relocated settlers and hopes to entice reverse migration by providing sustainable livelihood opportunities outside the metropolis. It promotes countryside development - transforming a once-abandoned, barren wasteland into fields of abundance. Bayani Brew wants to be remembered not only for its refreshing beverages, but also as part of a movement brewing a new breed of Filipinos crazy in love with our country.

-Bayani Brew's Official Facebook Page

Featured in Kris TV
I first gained knowledge of the product when it was shown in one of the episodes of Kris TV. (Yeah, I know, don't judge me on this). My mom is fond of the show especially when it features food, so perhaps she got enticed by the show and decided to purchase some for her to find out whether Kris was just exaggerating or not. Knowing our high curiosity on something new, my mom bought 6 bottles, one for each of us (well, supposedly, but I got thirsty more often during the last few days, if you know what I mean).

Bayani Brew's All Natural All Filipino Iced Tea
A natural way to enjoy a refreshing zest of calamansi and more

The Taste of Bayani Brew
The Bayani Brew enables you to taste the freshness and the natural zest of the three main ingredients - calamansi, lemon grass and pandan leaves. Once you open the bottle up, you will catch the neutral aroma of the brew which may indicate the absence of excessive sugar and other artificial flavoring. (Of course, the people behind Bayani Brew are not just using the "all-natural" tagline just for marketing purposes. It's more of a continuing promise.)

Well, unfortunately, after taking an adventurous sip, I sensed a hint of an acrid aftertaste (hopefully, Google was able to translate  the word "mapakla" accurately). However, I have to admit that it was really refreshing and enjoyable, in such a way that you will taste the well-infused goodness of the pure and natural extracts.

I haven't tasted anything much like it before, and so it was a memorable experience for me. And by the way, you'll get used to the aftertaste on your second or succeeding bottles.

The Best Iced Tea
I am still torn between this and a Sola Iced Tea,since both effectively provides me with a clear sense of cleansing refreshment! Nonetheless, I may end up settling for the Bayani Brew because the thought of helping our fellow kababayans in GK gives me a guilt-free experience that not only refreshes the senses but the conscience as well.

Where to get Bayani Brew?
There is an updated list of locations and stores where you may grab up one or two of these bottles filled with excitement and freshness! Check out the updated list here: Where to get Bayani Brew Iced Tea?

Bayani Brew
(The page contains a lot of information about the products, so do check it out!)

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  1. bayanibrew@gmail.comFebruary 9, 2014 at 9:47 PM

    Dear Not-So-Popular Kid,

    This thank you comment is 4.5months overdue. Luckily, we were cyberstalking ourselves today (after a year of existence!--- seriously, we had to, we were making a year-end report to apply for a discount for specialized accounting services that required something to the effect where 'BB has been featured'). Lo and behold, we were pleasantly surprised to find this review! I digress.

    We just wanted to thank you for your feature (And you really did your research!). We're really glad you liked it, and eventually got used to the natural brews of tanglad. Please thank your Mom for us for buying your first bottle. Do try the other variant brewed from talbos ng camote. But if you share Kris' candid views on it, please don't share it here (hehehe. Send us nalang a private email). Just remember it's healthy for you and for the country! =)

    Thanks again for being a Bayani Bro!

    Cheers from the Brew Crew!

  2. You are definitely welcome! I take pride in drinking the brew because at the back of my mind I am helping a community to foster, even in a tiny indirect way. Continue with the good cause and advocacy! I am sure next time you will be able to help a larger number of communities!


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