DATS MIX along Taft Avenue - Home of Famous Batomaneg and Sisig

Dats Mix along Taft Avenue - Home of the Famous Batomaneg and Sisig
Dats Mix along Taft Avenue - Home of the Famous Batomaneg and Sisig
Did you know that Dats Mix used to be very famous among Taft students? 

Dats Mix became really popular years ago because of the famous sisig and other Filipino dishes. Aside from this, there was this extra-kind ate taking orders who was so cheerful and caring. All of these make you want to eat there most of the time. However, change is indeed inevitable.

Now, Dat's Mix lost some of its glory and fame, but although the "homey feeling" is now gone (based on my opinion), this place really does provide great Filipino dishes! In this blog post, we will learn more about the two best-selling dishes Dats Mix offers.

Grilled Liempo with Batomaneg or simply Batomaneg || P99
The famous Batomaneg of Dats Mix
The famous Batomaneg of Dats Mix
Sadly, I can't recall what Batomaneg stands for. Although I remember myself asking one of the staff about it, I seemed to forget the components except for two - "ma" for mangga (I know it's pretty obvious, but at least I remembered something) and "to" for tomato. Wait, let me just try one more - "eg" may refer to the salted egg, but that's just a guess. No kidding, don't blame if this turned out wrong, and you happen to rely on it.

As for the taste, the tenderness and taste of the liempo was fine, but what made this dish interesting was the combination of flavors arising from the Batomaneg. Also, the you'll appreciate how "Filipino" this dish is!

Sisig with Egg || P99
Sisig with a slight twist - a Dats Mix specialty
Sisig with a slight twist - a Dats Mix specialty
Gone are the days when this sisig could be ordered for only around P79. I still remember I was a freshman then, and since I don't have much idea regarding the food scene in Taft, I just tagged along with my friend Nathaniel Chan. I was slightly reluctant because the place back then was not so inviting. (Note: the one featured here is where they transferred)

Enough of that story, let's talk about this sisig! Alright, I admit that I really enjoyed having this dish not only because of the great taste but also because of Dats Mix's different take on sisig. As seen on the photo above, the sisig has bigger chunks, contrary to traditional ones which are diced in smaller bits. Overall, I believe this is one of the tastiest sisig I've had; hence, I'm recommending this for your first try in Dats Mix (not unless you are not fond of eating sisig).

Dats Mix a Nutshell and Rating Overview
Place: ★★
(Ratings apply for the dishes we ordered an 
this experience alone)
Dats Mix definitely offers us great dishes that will remind us of lutong-bahay cooked with flair. However, what I fail to appreciate was the place and its ambiance. Despite the casual appearance, it does not exude a comfy feeling. Also, the place sends off this aura that will make you doubt the cleanliness of the place. However, disregarding this fact, I definitely recommend you to try Dats Mix out! Hmmm, perhaps you may want to order for take-out. *smirk*

Dats Mix
Taft Avenue, Manila
(just beside Burgundy Transpacific Place)

Dats Mix Menu and Prices:

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