BENTO ONIGIRI's Rice Balls in Bloemen Hall of DLSU

Kami Mayo Bento Onigiri in Bloemen Hall of DLSU
Kami Mayo Bento Onigiri in Bloemen Hall of DLSU
Here's another addition to my Taft Food Scene Collection, and I will just make this quick.

Wanting to try something different, I decided to browse around the concession stores around the Bloemen Hall of DLSU. Luckily (or was it), I stumbled upon Bento Onigiri!  

Bento Onigiri offers Japanese snacks that are suitable for the "on-the-go" rush. The primary product are the rice balls that come in 3 different flavors - Spicy Tuna, Kani Mayo and All-Day Breakfast

Nothing Special with the Rice Balls
I was able to taste the tuna, and it was fine - nothing special but nothing wrong about it. However, I seemed to have a problem with the rice. Yes, it was sticky, but there was something with the texture that I did not fully enjoy. There was even some instances when I found the rice balls very dry for my palate. Sadly, this was highlighted with the Kani Mayo, and I found the filling bland and forgettable. In fact, when I had the rice balls of Bento Onigiri, I can't help myself but compare them with those of the Korean stall in Animo Food Haus before. (Oh, now I miss those rice balls, which by the way, were really shaped like balls).

Anyway, I won't hide my disappointment with the rice balls, but perhaps I just had a very high expectation about the product. Now, the question is: 

Do I recommend the rice balls? Well, I'm leaning more towards "no", but just in case you will still want to try them, go for the Spicy Tuna and never for the Kani Mayo.

Bento Onigiri Menu and Prices:
Bento Onigiri Menu and Prices:

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