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Papa John's Buy 1 Take 1 Promo in University Mall
Papa John's Buy 1 Take 1 Promo in University Mall
The day we visited the Kamameshi House for some "authentic but problematic" Japanese cuisine was also the day we had an awesome pizza dinner care of Papa John's!

What actually drove us to have something like it was the current Buy 1 Take 1 promo of Papa John's.
Note: This promo is up to October 2013 only, and since this promo applies every Tuesday alone, we only have about 4-5 instances to enjoy this! 

The Pizza 

We were able to enjoy six (6) varieties of pizza which are posted below. 

Prices were taken from the Munchpunch website, which I believe are more updated than the delivery menu found on the website (photo is attached at the end of this post). Warning: the prices indicated here may not be fully accurate. 

Short Note on Papa John's pizza in General
What I particularly like about the pizza of Papa John is the absence of excessive oil, but if you are used to the oily ones, then there's a remedy - the butter dip! Moving on, I think Papa John is one of my Top 5 Pizza Store so far, because of the butter-dip innovation as well as the enjoyable pizza composition!

On the other hand, what you may not pretty much enjoy is the heaviness of the crust; but then again, I believe Papa John's has one of the great-tasting crusts, so usually I don't mind consuming everything up (i.e. including the crust).

Spicy Italian Meatballs || P325 Regular || P465 12" Family || P575 14" Party
The Spicy Italian Meatball of Papa John's
The Spicy Italian Meatball of Papa John's
Well, the name of the pizza dish pretty much sums it all! It was indeed spicy due to the Jalapeno bits; however, fret not because it's somewhat tolerable (this is subjective, so I can never be sure). The meatballs were tasty, but the texture wasn't near perfect, since there was a hint of dryness. Overall, I still enjoyed this one!

Chicken Bacon Ranch || P325 Regular || P465 12" Family || P575 14" Party
Chicken Bacon Ranch of Papa John's
Chicken Bacon Ranch - creamy, heavy delight
This one was the 2nd among the 6 pizzas we had that got all consumed up fast! This suggested that the group liked this particular pizza dish! Well, I find that believable, since I realized it was somewhat unique but not in an odd way. It was creamy (but heavy as a natural trade-off), cheesy and tasty! At first, I thought the flavors will go into a civil war, but I was wrong. Everything went harmoniously!

Margherita Pizza || P315 Regular || P455 12" Family || P555 14" Party
Margherita Pizza of Papa John's
Margherita Pizza - tomatoes and cheese
Hmmmm, I wasn't able to try this one out because I only get to have 4 slices of pizza. Anyway, I didn't choose this, as well because from the looks of it, nothing seemed to be so special. However, if you love uncomplicated pizzas, then this one is for you!

Texas Heat || P325 Regular || P465 12" Family || P575 14" Party
Texas Heat Pizza of Papa John's
The exciting Texas Heat of Papa John's will surely bring excitement!
Oooh, now this will flickerlingly ignite the daredevil within you! Uhmmm, It was not uber spicy, but as you consume more of it, you will start to feel the burning kick! I'm thinking that the spiciness of this one is twice of the Spicy Italian Meatball. Anyway, what you'll love about this is that it does not only focus on the spiciness but on the other flavors as well creating an adventurous taste experience.

Pepperoni Pizza || P325 Regular || P465 12" Family || P575 14" Party
The Traditional Pepperoni Pizza by Papa John's
The Traditional Pepperoni Pizza by Papa John's
Well, the taste of this one is definitely predictable, so I will just skip to the last one.

Chicken Barbecue || P275 Regular || P415 12" Family || P485 14" Party
Chicken Barbecue (BBQ) Pizza of Papa John's - Sweet and Smoky
Chicken Barbecue (BBQ) Pizza of Papa John's - Sweet and Smoky
Okay, the reason why Chicken Bacon Ranch was just the second one to get all consumed up was because the Chicken Barbecue Pizza snatched the first place! I was about to get a slice of this, but found an empty box lying on the table - it was all gone, fast! That being said, I can't give out a taste description because obviously I wasn't able to try it out. Nonetheless, relying on the fact that this was the first to be eaten up completely, this one could be a great one!

6 pizzas down! Now, here's a photo of my pizza dinner buddies:
110 & 109 BSA and COM-BSA Students in Perico's Canteen
Mod-Review mates with the pizzas in Perico's Canteen!
Papa John's in a Nutshell
Each of us only spent P100 and still was able to have 4 slices of pizza! Think about it and do the computation. You'll end up with a rate of P25 for each of the great-tasting pizza! That was how awesome the promo is! With this, I suggest that you take advantage of this promo as soon as possible, especially that we only have a month to enjoy it.

Important note: The promo is applicable for delivery and take-outs only!

Before I end the post, let me just share with you this promo poster I lifted from Papa John's Pizza Philippines Facebook Page:
Two for Tuesday - a buy 1 take 1 promo by Papa John's
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Papa John's
Unit 01 G/F University Mall, 2507 Taft Ave
Malate, Manila
Contact No.: (02) 536-4612

Delivery Menu (from website)
Papa John's Delivery Menu - Manila, Philippines

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