HONGLEY'S Freshly Baked Mooncakes

Disclosure: I'm trying to help out a family friend promote these moon cake! However, even if this is so, I tried my best to give an honest opinion regarding the taste and quality! 

Freshly Baked Chinese Mooncake of Hongley
Freshly Baked Chinese Mooncake of Hongley
The Mooncake Festival this year (2013) happens to be on September 19, so are you ready with your mooncakes?

Choose your Mooncake!

In the Philippines, it has been a tradition among the Filipino-Chinese families to give mooncakes to friends and relatives, and since this is the case, we always want to provide the best for them! Imagine giving a mooncake to your friend that has an awful taste. Hmmmm, what will he/she think of that? Well, there are numerous possibilities, but here are the top two. First, your friend may think you are making a joke out of it and may result to an insult. Second, he/she may think that what you did was just pure "giving", and nothing more; hence, it would make your friend think that he/she is better off without the mooncake you gave (i.e. aside from the additional dilemma on how to get rid of the awful tasting "gift" you gave).

Anyway, my point is - always try first what you'll give to your friends!

Hongley's Freshly Baked MooncakesHongley's Freshly Baked Mooncakes 2

Just a few hours ago, my parents brought home the mooncakes we purchased from our friend. The next thing I know, I was running for the camera, taking a snapshot, opening it up and finally trying it out! After that, I got excited in sharing my taste experience with you (leading to the creation of this blog post). Also, I thought that it will be nice to help a friend out!

By the way, did you notice the adorable packaging of the mooncakes? It looks so Chinese that you'll feel lucky just by mere holding it, and I'm sure your friends will definitely feel happy upon receiving this from you!

The Taste

I only had to try the mooncake made from the famous white lotus paste with yolk. Anyway, I'll keep this simple. Upon tasting the mooncake, I immediately knew that it was indeed freshly baked. This was because the texture of the lotus paste was smooth, the yolk wasn't in any way mushy and the other pastry was soft and delicate!

Admittedly (and as shocking it may seem), I haven't tasted a lot of mooncakes yet, so I have a limited benchmark. However, I must say that I loved the mooncake considering that the level of sweetness was just appropriate, and almost perfect! Oh, this one also contained some nuts which were complimentary to the taste.

Freshly Baked Mooncakes of Hongley White LotusDelicious, fresh and high quality moon cakes by Hongley

I am hoping that I'm not being biased, but I can sense that I'm really not. Hence, this one (i.e. lotus paste) is truly recommendable! As for the other flavors, I leave the exploring up to you!

Here are the offerings:

TWINS (with two egg yolks)
  • Lotus Paste 
  • Bean Paste 
  • White Lotus 
SINGLES (with one egg yolk)
  • Lotus Paste 
  • Bean Paste 
  • Mixed Nuts 
  • White Lotus
REGULAR (no yolk)
  • Lotus Paste
  • Bean Paste 
  • Mixed Nuts 
  • Mixed Nuts with Ham 
  • White Lotus 
Mini Series
  • Tausa w/ Yolk 
  • Lotus w/ Yolk 
  • White Lotus w/ Yolk 
  • Mixed Nuts w/ Yolk 
Prices may change without prior notice.
Tin cans are available for bigger volumes of purchase
Shelf Life: 7 days

Note: These are baked-to-order and may usually take 2-4 days (I verified this already with Hongley itself); if you are going to purchase in bulk amounts, Hongley may prioritize the order and may take just 2 days. On the other hand, if you will just order small volumes, it may take 4 days.

Hongley Food Products
No. 2 Atis Road Potrero, Malabon

For inquiries regarding the moon cakes or orders, you may do so here: 0917 793 5638, look for Pearl

For my friends, you may personally contact me.

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