GIGA BITE'S Chicken Isaw - a Favorite Street Food

This is one of the 21 food businesses that participated in the Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavor!
Giga Bites in Foodgasm III - Triple The Flavor!
Giga Bites in Foodgasm III - Triple The Flavor!
At first glance, it seemed like Giga Bites is just a carinderia type of stall. This was because of the booth's lack of elegant presentation and design. Actually, even the food appeared unattractive from afar as influenced by the appalling energy the booth exudes.

However, it was a good thing that I needed to try it (i.e. being a food-blogger judge), because tasting the chicken intestine or isaw in Filipino broke the initial impression - the taste was great!

Chicken Isaw of Giga Bites - Up Close!
Chicken Isaw of Giga Bites - Up Close!
I assume that the frying technique of Giga Bites is superb, evidenced by the absence of excessive burnt parts and good texture of the chicken intestine. In fact, it didn't taste like a chicken intestine, but rather something sweet and indulgent.

Favorite Filipino Street Food - Chicken Intestine or Isaw
The photos above show to us the sample chicken isaw of Giga Bite, but they sell regular ones in Mercato itself. The price is at P35 a piece. I'm thinking it's a bit expensive, but considering the high rentals in Mercato and the interesting flavor, it may worth your money.

Note: Of course, I wasn't able to experience Giga Bites in its entirety. In fact, what I had was indeed a small bite. Hence, this mini-review shouldn't be treated in any way conclusive.

Giga Bites
Mercato Centrale
Bonifacio Global City
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