Unlimited Beef and Pork in Matgalne Korean Restaurant, Makati

Matgalne Korean Restaurant in Makati
If you are craving for some Korean grilled pork and beef , you should go unlimited in Matgalne! 

The Brief Story

Last week, we decided to hold a mini block get-together, and the chosen venue was Matgalne in Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. We enjoyed dining in the place which I think it was fit for such type of event/gathering. 

There were only 8 of us who made it there, which was a bit of a downer. Nevertheless, we shrugged it off, and just enjoyed each other's company, and of course the food! 

Note: I only used my smart phone for the photos, so I apologize for the lack of quality. 

The Place

The restaurant boasts that it has a friendly and cozy atmosphere that sets the mood for lovely conversations with friends or family - to which I agree! It isn't fancy and classy, but the casualness of the place makes it comfortable for you and your friends to be yourself and themselves respectively.

The only negative thing that I noted was the lack of exhaustion pipes on top of the grilling equipment. This means you'll go in fresh, and you'll go out smelling like what you just ate. 

Interior of Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Interior of Matgalne Korean Restaurant

The Food

There are more than 20 delicious authentic Korean side dishes available on the buffet table! Everything is unlimited, so you can eat to your heart's content! Sadly, I don't know how you call each of them.

I'm just going to share with you the photos, and let them do most of the talking.

Kimbap of Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Interesting kimbap for appetizer! 
If you are fond of sushi, you may want to indulge yourself with a few (or more) of these kimbap! It's sweet and presumably healthy!

Fried Veggies as Side Dish in Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Fried Veggies as Side Dish in Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Sweet Barbecue Like Chicken of Matgalne
Sweet Barbecue Like Chicken of Matgalne
This sweet barbecue became an instant favorite among the selections on the buffet table because of the sweetness and great flavor!

Side Dish Buffet in Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Fried Tofu - Buffet of Side Dishes!
If you are fond of veggies, you will definitely love it there, because you also have a lot of options!

Veggies Unlimited in Matgalne Restaurant
More veggies in Matgalne! 

More side dishes in Matgalne Restaurant
Wrapped Sausages
A Korean restaurant won't be "Korean" without the famous spicy vegetable, "kimchi".
Kimchi of Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Kimchi of Matgalne Korean Restaurant

According to the Facebook page of Matgalne, you can create your own Bibimbap with various toppings and vegetable salad available! Feel free to customize it to be in line with your preference!

Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Veggies for Customizing
And now for the main event, the unlimited pork and beef!
Unlimited Beef and Pork in Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Unlimited Beef and Pork in Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Alright, as mentioned in my post in Samgyupsalamat Korean Restaurant, I can't differentiate the taste of the beef because I assume they are not spiced up. However, what I can distinguish is the freshness of the meat.

For Matgalne, I believe the beef and pork are not of high premium quality (or might just lack freshness) evidenced by the texture. However, what I enjoyed was the sesame oil as well as the yummy sauce that I paired with it (I forgot the name of it, but it's the brownish substance). Overall, it was great enough to satisfy my cravings! It usually take more than 3 minutes before your refill gets served, so if that bothers you, then you may think it over before dining here.

Note: We had more than 10 rounds of refill!

Here's a photo of my friends (I was the one taking the photo) with their happy tummy!
Block 12 109 in Matgalne! #b12atMakati
With my block mates in Matgalne! #b12atMakati
Buffet and Unlimited Samgyupsal Dinner - P399 (unlimited beef and pork)

Is it affordable? To some extent, yes; however, if you change the benchmark, let's say Yakimix, it may not be that "sulit", since you'll just add about a hundred peso for a wider selection of dishes!

Is it recommended? Yes, of course!

To help you out locate the place, here's the map retrieved in the Facebook Page of Matgalne. Just click to enlarge.
Map to Matgalne Korean Restaurant Makati Map to Matgalne Korean Restaurant Ortigas

Matgalne Korean Restaurant, Main Branch
4768 Kalayaan Avenue Corner Mariano St.
Poblacion, Makati City, Metro Manila
Contact No.: (02) 8902949

Other Branch
2F Millenium Place Bldg., Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, San Antonio
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Contact No.: (02) 6329714

Store Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm
                      Mon - Sat

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  1. The Ortigas branch is near my office. Will visit soon! :)

    1. Hooray for you! If I remember it right, Sumi also blogged about this. :)

  2. Glad you guys enjoyed! :) Di bale ng kulang, at least the gathering still pushed through. :) Mas downer kaya when only 3 of your friends show up. That's what happened to me last year. I thought there'll be about 10 or more of us, then 4 lang kami in the end. Haha! Btw, friendly correction lang if you don't mind. ^^ The sushi thingies are called kimbap. The bibimbap is the customizable mixed rice with veggie and other toppings. ^^

    1. Hahaha! Downer nga kapag ganun. Thanks for sharing Sumi, and thanks for mentioning that one. I shall correct it in a bit. Haha! It shows my lack of knowledge of Korean dishes.:))

  3. Try Don-day Korean Barbecue (they have branches in Malingap St. and Tomas Morato)
    They also offer Unli Samgyeoupsal (299/head) and Unli Samgyeoupsal + Galbi (399/head)

  4. Thanks for the suggestions purplejay! :)


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