Shang-ri La Chinese Restaurant in Quezon City

The interior of Shang-ri La Chinese Restaurant in Quezon City
The interior of Shang-ri La Chinese Restaurant in Quezon City
Shangri-La, not to be confused to either the mall or hotel, is a Chinese Restaurant in Quezon City serving fine and authentic dishes matched with good service!

This blog post features all the dishes we had for two separate dining experiences - a week apart wherein one was during lunch, while the other one was for dinner. I'll no longer keep you waiting, so let's begin the indulgence!

Something about the Place 
Just as expected, the place has strong elements of Chinese designs (e.g. color combination of the dining table and chairs, integration of the ancient Chinese-style roof, etc.) Aside from these things, you will immediately feel the Chinese ambiance because of the customers dining-in. Yeah, most of them are or partly Chinese.

The Food 

Like a typical Chinese restaurant, service tea is available and ready to be served as you select your orders. 
Chinese House Tea of Shangri-La Restaurant
Free House Tea to warm things up!
Anyway, here are the combined orders we had for two separate visits we had. Of course, we start first with the drinks and appetizers, followed by the main dishes and then a dessert.

Almond Jelly Drink || P80 per glass
Almond Jelly Drink of Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant
Refreshing taste of almond in a glass!
Here's a refreshing drink I had during my second visit (i.e. dinner). You will love the experience as you sip and munch at the same time! Great beverage!

Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup || P280 
Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup - Serves 3 to 4!
I was really into a soup when we went there, so I told my parents to get some soup for us. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in ordering this one because the taste for me was bearable but not in any way enjoyable. However, this was because I am not used to a hot and sour combination. My dad, on the other hand, found delight on this one, so I'm guessing it depends on your preference.

Assorted Cold Cuts - Small || P330 
Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant Assorted Cold Cuts
Colorful and Vibrant: Assorted Cold Cuts - Small 
Here's a great selection for some cold cuts! I enjoyed the variety, presentation and most especially the taste of this dish! Never forget to order this if you will dine here! It's a must-try!

Stewed Mushrooms with Broccoli || P240 
Shangri-La's Stewed Mushroom with Broccoli
Fresh and Fine Stewed Mushroom with Broccoli
What I particularly loved about this dish was the freshness of all the ingredients! The taste was not intensely superb, but you will really adore the crisp of the every ingredients, indicating great quality!

Yeung (Yang) Chow Fried Rice || P50 per cup
Shangri-La's Yeung Chow Fried Rice
Shangri-La's Yeung Chow Fried Rice
This Yeung Chow could have been perfect, but that will only be the case if you neglect its excessive oiliness. Nevertheless, the taste was fantastic!

Note: I'm not used to seeing it as "Yeung" rather than "Yang", but that's how they wrote it in their menu. Which one is it really? 

Fish with Tofu || Price Unknown 
Fish with Tofu of Shangri-La Chinese Cuisine Restaurant
Flavors at war - Fish with Tofu! 
This Fish and Tofu should have been okay, but the saltiness of the fish did not seem to tango well with the sauce wherein the taste of hoisin was apparent. It seemed like the flavors were at war.

Sweet and Sour Pork || P150 (S) || P250 (M) || P350 (L) 
Shangri-La Classic Sweet and Sour Pork
Classic Sweet and Sour Pork! 
This Classic Sweet and Sour Pork was interesting because of its great sweet powerful enjoyable taste. It is not like your ordinary sweet and sour, since this one is more refreshing and enjoyable!

Shredded Beef with Yellow Mango || P350 
Shangri-La's Shredded Beef with Yellow Mango
Sweet and Savory - Shredded Beef with Yellow Mango!
Ahhhhh, the highlight of our lunch was this! I would say that this was truly magnificent because both the the taste and texture were perfect! Tender and momentous - two words that will describe this playful dish!

Pork Spareribs with Salt and Pepper (Small) || P280 
Shangri-La's Pork Spareribs with Salt and Pepper
Tasty Pork Spareribs with Salt and Pepper
What made this pork spareribs different from the rest was its unique crispiness and taste! Although it was somehow oily, and potentially unhealthy, it had an amazing taste that I won't forget.

Pacific Clams with Shrimps, Mushrooms and Vegetables || P380
Pacific Clams with Shrimps, Mushrooms and Vegetables
Distinct Garlic Goodness in this seafood dish!
This slightly expensive seafood dish was simple yet catchy. If you are a fan of a roasted garlic taste, you will definitely find this exquisite. Plus, you will love the freshness of the ingredients!

Big Noodles with Assorted Meat || P240 
Shangri-La's Big Noodles with Assorted Meat
Lackluster Noodles with Assorted Meat
Hmmmm, another loser was this dish! I don't understand why I couldn't comprehend the taste fully. In fact, I hated it. Flavors seem to contradict each other - spicy, dull and weird.

Butchi || P16 per piece
Shangri-La's Classic Chinese Butchi
The Classic Chinese Dessert - Butchi!
That was pretty exhausting! Good thing we are now in the dessert portion! I don't know if this will disappoint you, but this was all we got for desserts! And I didn't even had one, because I don't like eating butchi! I am assuming that this was just similar to the ones we usually have. 

Anyway, this concludes my long post. Check out the summary of my rating below:

Place:  ★★
Service★★★ (Fast and responsive)
Price:  ★★
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone and the food that I had during this time. 

Do I recommend the place? Well, yes! However, you will need to hand-pick your orders!

Shangri-La Chinese Cuisine Restaurant
West Ave., 4 Times St
West Triangle, Quezon City
Contact No.: (02) 373-9888
Service Charge: None

Store Hours: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm (Lunch)
                     6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Dinner)

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  1. Pretty interesting place, but one can't help associating this with the hotel chain. hehehe

    1. I'm guessing it's a subsidiary of the Shangri-La umbrella. Haha!


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