SCHMIDT'S Specialty Hotdogs in Rosella's Kitchen near DLSU

Rosella's Kitchen in Agno Street near DLSU
Rosella's Kitchen in Agno Street near DLSU
We have a new entrant in the Taft Food World, and it's something different - Rosella's Kitchen! Why is it different? Rosella's Kitchen offers "lutong-bahay" type of dishes that still resemble the "canteen food". However, other than that, it houses two other food concessionaires namely Fruiteamix (milk tea and more) and Schmidt's (hot dogs). This is what makes them somewhat different from other food establishments.

In this blog post, I'm briefly covering Schmidt's hot dogs which really got me so excited because hot dogs are a bit rare around Taft.

Schmidt's Bestselling HotdogsFreshly cooked hotdogs by Schmidt's

Schmidt's is just a small stand in Rosella's Kitchen operated by two crews. Due to this reason, you can anticipate a not-so-fast service during meal times when the orders start to pile up. Anyway, to cut it short, I got my order (Waga Mama) after about 15 minutes of idly waiting.

I got my friends with me, so I was able to take a snapshot of their orders as well. Unfortunately, I got to try mine alone.

Waga Mama at P105
Japanese Curry, Shredded Nori, Japanese Mayo and Coleslaw
FYI: Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdog, Wagamama, was hailed as People's Choice in the recently concluded Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavors in Mercato!
Schmidt's Japanese Inspired Waga Mama Hotdog
Schmidt's Japanese Inspired Waga Mama Hotdog
Since this is the only one I tried,  let me just dwell on this. The taste was great but I still think there's something lacking (probably because I requested not to put the Japanese curry, since I am not fond of curries). Regardless, I still adore the good Japanese infusion of nori, coleslaw and Japanese mayo.
Recommended? Definitely yes!

Note: I had this for lunch, and it was satisfying enough, but of course I needed to eat some dessert to really fill me up. 

Coney Island Chili Dog at P125
Homemade Chili Mince, Cheese, Jalapeno, Onions and Sour Cream
Schmidt's Coney Island Chili Dog
Schmidt's Coney Island Chili Dog
Seattle Dog at P105
BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Siracha, Mayo, Onion, Picle Relish and Sauerkraut
Schmidt's Seattle Dog - Typical Joe's favorite
Schmidt's Seattle Dog - Typical Joe's favorite
That's all folks! Go try some of these! You'll surely find joy, not necessarily because of the taste and affordability (which may not hold true for some), but because of the diversion from the ordinary ones we usually eat around Taft.

Schmidts' participated in Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavors! You may check out all the other interesting dishes in the event by clicking on the Foodgasm III Collection banner!


Schmidt's Hotdogs
Rosella's Kitchen
Agno Street (beside Enrique Razon Sports Complex)
Malate, Manila
(Did not push through anymore)

Menu and Prices:
Schmidt's Hotdog: Menu and Prices

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  1. I always see this at food markets but haven't really tried it. Will do soon! :)

    1. It was my first time to see a Schmidt's stall near our school. The hot dogs are really great, and I can taste the quality. However, it may appear overpriced for some. As a student, I still consider it somehow expensive. Haha!

  2. It does look yummy but a bit expensive though...

  3. I want to try the Wagamama!!!

  4. Yeah! It will really be great, although it was unfortunate that the one in DLSU area closed down.


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