SANS RIVAL Cakes & Pastries of Dumaguete

A Box of Goodness from Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries
A Box of Goodness from Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries
After visiting the majestic city of Siquijor, my sister and her friends passed by Dumaguete for some pasalubong. When she came home, she brought with her these sweet treats from Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries!

Sans Rival is a pasalubong or food souvenir place that offers great tasting pastries and cakes. It became famous for both its sans rival and silvannas. Anyway, in this blog post, I'm going to share with you some of their products.

Brazo de Mercedes (P18) and L'Opera (P36)
Brazo de mercedes and L'Opera Cakes of Sans Rival
Brazo de mercedes and L'Opera Cakes of Sans Rival
Brazo de Mercedes (P18 per slice) - this soft and foamy cake with custard filling is one of the best I had because it wasn't excessively sweet unlike others I tasted.

L'Opera (P36 per slice) - this 3-layer cake has chocolate and light custard in between accented by nuts and subtle taste of icing. Just like the Brazo, this is moderately sweet, but I like the former better.

The "Torta"(P16)
Torta of Sans Rival & Pastries
"Torta" - thicker version of Mamon
I don't know why they call it torta, because I have something else in mind when I hear the word. Anyway, this torta is like a mamon but with thicker and fuller texture. At P16 a piece, it may be bought in huge quantity as souvenir for your friends! That way, you can give as many as you want without spending too much. Great, right?

The Famous Sans Rival (P310)
Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries Dumaguete
The famous Sans Rival! 
Before you can actually enjoy this, you will need to unwrap the manila paper, then the foil and finally the plastic wrapper. Although it is somewhat of a hassle, the packaging ensures the quality. Also, the multiple layers make sure that when you bring this home, the sans rival will still appear great, as if it was served right on the spot!

As for the taste, well, I can say that I enjoyed it pretty well! It has a distinct icing taste, and the texture was great! I don't have a benchmark for sans rival because this is my first time that I had one. (Weird, right?)

Okay, now for my ultimate favorite - Sans Rival (P125 for 10 pieces):
Silvannas of Dumaguete
The amazing Silvannas! 
Normally, I don't enjoy silvannas, but this is an ultimate exception! There's a memorable crunch as you take a bite, and the taste of the icing and filling was something you won't get tired of easily. The sweetness is not overwhelming, so you can really focus on the goodness! 

Blogger's opinion: These silvannas are definitely way better than that of Rowena's Pasalubong in Tagaytay.
Chocolate Silvannas of Sans Rival Cakes and Pastires
Chocolate Silvannas of Sans Rival Cakes and Pastires
Last, but definitely not the least are the chocolate silvannas! If you are a chocolate lover, you will enjoy this! It brings the same goodness as the regular silvannas, but may be slightly better or worse depending on your preference. Also, I noticed that this has a more distinct crunch than the regular ones, which added excitement to this sweet treat!

This wraps up my blog post about it, hopefully, next time I can visit Dumaguete for these goodies, but pasalubong will also do the trick! *wink wink*

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries
#3 San Jose St., Dumagete City
Negros Oriental, Philippines
Contact No.: (035) 2254440
                      (035) 4229482

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