GOODLES Pasta and More in University Mall, Taft

Goodles Interior in University Mall, Taft
Goodles Interior in University Mall, Taft
Before, Lasallians and other Taft students are faced with limited options in terms of pasta dishes (i.e. Pizza Hut, yes we used to have that, and Pasta Plate). Now, we have more choices such as Papa John's, Pasta Boy, Meatball Factory, Pasta Plate and this restaurant, Goodles, to name a few.

In this blog post, we will explore more about the place and of course the food!

The Place

As expected, Goodles is a relatively casual place to cater to the students' need. Contrary to what appears on the photo above, the place is dimly lit. I just adjusted the lighting to make you see the interior clearer. This is why it is not that recommended for you to do your school work here (aside from the fact that it is also usually noisy here). Nevertheless, it is perfect for just chilling out with your friends!

Adorable Designs on the Wall of Goodles Taft
Adorable Designs on the Walls of Goodles
Check out the adorable designs on the walls! They'll make you feel younger again. Anyway, this may delight you: they offer free Wi-Fi! I know a lot of us already have their mobile data, but then, this may still prove to be useful for others.

Self Service. Wi-Fi. Just Dip it. Goodles.
Self Service. Wi-Fi. Just Dip it. Goodles.

The Food

Admittedly, Goodles is my ultimate favorite among all the available restaurants and food places offering pasta dishes. Although the dishes are semi-prepared already, you will still find the taste delicious and authentic. Alright, for the first dish, we have the Chicken Vodka.

Chicken Vodka Pasta at P140
Chicken Vodka Pasta of Googles
Chicken Vodka at P140
To tell you the truth, I wasn't the one who ordered this one. However, I was able to try this before. From what I can remember, it is somewhere between a cream-based and oil-based pasta. The nearest dish you can compare this with is the carbonara. The only thing I don't find appealing is the price considering the "simplicity" of the dish.

Pumpkin Cream Penne at P135
Deliciously creamy pumpkin sauce topped with ground sausages
Pumpkin Cream Penne of Goodles
Pumpkin Cream Penne
Now, this is something interesting! I'm a huge fan of pumpkin soup, so I really adore this dish. In fact, this is my second favorite in Goodles, the first being the Chicken Spinach Lasagna. It has the distinct flavor of pumpkin, and the sausage pairs up well with the overall taste. The only downside of this dish is the consistency of the sauce, since it usually lacks thickness.

Blogger's tip: Try to make the dish settle down for a bit, so that the sauce will thicken.

Chicken Spinach Lasagna at P150
Delectable Chicken Spinach Lasagna of Goodles
Chicken Spinach Lasagna of Goodles - Recommended!
This is the best-ever pasta I've ever tasted around Taft! It is extremely cheesy, creamy and best of all delectable! And Considering that this is a lasagna, the price of P150 seems to be inexpensive enough. However, you should note that this is considerably heavy because of the cheese and the creamy sauce.

If you're not a fan of cream-based pasta, try the Basic Meat Lasagna (P150). It has almost the same goodness!

The Cakes and Other Desserts

Affordable Molten Chocolate Cake of GoodlesApple Pie and Classic Chocolate Cake of Goodles

What's wonderful in Goodles is that they also offer affordable cakes and other desserts! Check out all the photos, and you'll have an idea of what they offer!
Cookie Cup Specoolus and Reese in Goodles
Cookie Cup Speculoos and Reese in Goodles at P55
Check it out! Goodles is also riding the Speculoos bandwagon! But wait, maybe that's a different one? Can you tell what made me say so? #kiddingaround

To end this blog post, let me share what I think of the Choco-Mallow Dream!

Choco-Mallow Dream at P70 per slice
Choco Mallow Dream Cake of Goodles
Choco Mallow Dream at P70
This cake is super and not to mention, very affordable! It even reminds me of the cakes in Calea (Bacolod)! The chocolate filling is fantastic, that you'll feel heaven. Chocolate lovers, this is definitely a must try!

If you like this restaurant, be sure to cast your vote for it in this poll I created:

2/F University Mall
2507 Taft Avenue
Malate, Manila

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  1. I still love Basic Meat! It can leave you filled up for the entire day! Haha! :)

    1. Hahaha! It was my number 1 favorite until they introduced the Chicken Spinach Lasagna. :))


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