GOOD SHEPHERD SISTERS' Buko Pie and Ube Jam, Tagaytay

Here's another quick blog post on some sweet desserts from Bahay Pastulan!

Before everything else, I want to share with you that Bahay Pastulan is owned by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Baguio. This means this store offers the same goodness as the one we've grown to love.

Ube Jam at P130:
Ube Jam of Bahay Pastulan - Good Shepherd
The Heavenly Ube Jam of Bahay Pastulan
The Ube Jam of Bahay Pastulan is not intensively sweet and not heavy on food coloring. That way, you are free to indulge in this sweet stuff without worries. Also, similar to the Ube Jams we buy in Baguio, this jam can be enjoyed in two ways - as a spread and as a stand-alone dessert on a spoon. Well, I prefer the latter.

Buko Pie at P140:
Buko Pie - Good Shepherd in Tagaytay
The Amazing Buko Pie of Bahay Pastulan, Tagaytay
I'm so glad that I found my new favorite Buko Pie (dethroning Colette's). It was perfect for me - fresh buko taste, not too sweet, light pastry and more on the goodness. Yummy! With just a few days, this buko pie was all gone - that was how great it was!

Alright! Why don't you try these goodies? I'm sure you'll enjoy them like I did!

Bahay Pastulan by Good Shepherd Sisters
Maryridge, Tagaytay City
Contact No.: (046) 4833-590
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    1. Yup! Ang sarap! It was something special for me! Thanks for dropping by Geejay!

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