CAFFE SAN MARCO of Hotel Venezia in Legazpi, Albay

Hotel Venezia in Legazpi, Albay
Hotel Venezia in Legazpi, Albay
After we landed on Legazpi City, we hurriedly seek for something to eat. Good thing, Mirze (my blockmate who is also a "local", since she grew up there) and her family were so hospitable in reserving and treating us in Caffe San Marco of Hotel Venezia!

Although Legazpi City hasn't reached its full potential in terms of development, you will be able to see some great structures (e.g. houses, hotels and establishments) around. One of those is Hotel Venezia. Here's a cool snapshot of the hotel:

Outdoor dining area of Caffe San Marco
Outdoor dining area of Caffe San Marco
I just realized that this is the side where Caffe San Marco is located, and this photo shows the outdoor dining area.

Hotel Venezia Lobby (Legazpi, Albay)
Hotel Venezia Lobby
The hotel, by looking at the lobby, is not very much magnificent, but it is more than decent enough as a place to stay if you ask me. Anyway, it will take you only a few walks from the lobby before you reach Caffe San Marco. This is the place where we had our first meal in Legazpi City.

Caffe San Marco

This restaurant, found in Hotel Venezia, features cuisine inspired by Italian flavors (mixed with some of our own cuisine) crafted from the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. 
Caffe San Marco: Dining Area
Caffe San Marco: Dining Area
Caffe San Marco is not half as bad. In fact, I found the place comforting and cozy enough as if its giving me a warm welcome hug.

Caffe San Marco of Hotel Venezia in Legazpi City
Rice and 4 varieties for main dish
This may not sound great, but Caffe San Marco offers limited variety for the buffet. However, Mirze mentioned that this is just common in all restaurants offering buffest. Plus, on the average buffet around Legazpi costs only around P250 which is already a great bargain. Oh, just to give a little proof on that, the lunch buffet in Caffe San Marco is P250, and the same is true for Waway Restaurant (another known buffet restaurant in Legazpi).

We arrived there nearing 2:00 pm which may explain why there wasn't much left on the buffet table (the buffet ends at about 2:30 pm). Luckily, we were still able to try everything that was there.

Fresh and savory appetizer on a soup spoon
This delicate appetizer is very much memorable in terms the taste (fresh raw tuna with spices). Sadly, I wasn't able to take note of the name.

Pasta Station of Caffe San Marco
The Pasta Station: Fresh from Chef
The good thing about this place is that it still offers freshly cooked pasta despite the affordable price via the pasta station.

Desserts Station of Caffe San Marco
The desserts selection: simple yet good enough
Alright, of course, Caffe San Marco wants to complete your dining experience just like other buffets, so here are some desserts for you: brownies and fresh fruits.

Now, this is what I initially picked for my first round:
Caffe San Marco Lunch Buffet
My first meal in Legazpi - Caffe San Marco!
Both the Beef Caldereta and Beer-Battered Fish were amazing, but hands down to the caldereta. It was the ultimate winner! You will appreciate the play of flavors in this dish, since the taste of beef, cheese, spices and veggies jive up pretty well . It reminded me of one great experience wherein I tasted the best caldereta ever!

I won't focus on the taste of each dish because Caffe San Marco serves varying dishes daily, but I think it is sufficient for us to know that they provide great dishes!

This wraps up this blog post! However, check out all my upcoming blogs because I still have a lot to share regarding my Legazpi Travel Experience!

Caffe San Marco (July 3, 2013) by Renz Cheng
Overall Experience:  4

Caffe San Marco
Hotel Venezia, Renaissance Gardens,
Washington Drive, Legazpi City
Contact No.: +63 (52) 481-0888 or (02) 661-8888
Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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